Ibrahim Yildiz: Galatasaray won, referee lost!


10 people who remained in the draw with Fenerbahce Galatasaray were criticized for poor play 10

The criticisms made within the specific weight of the derby game, management Yellow-Red tried to repel with the decisions of the eleşt

The Kayseri game should not be in the shadow of this game. Therefore, he wanted to get a comfortable score with the support of his fans Bu

Despite the lost players, most players in the hands have the advantage of increasing. I wanted to use this advantage well, to show a game that was pleasing to the eye

However, the good team started the game was Kayserispor. The attacks they developed in one line, Galatasaray's defenses were put into trouble. The first 45 minutes of net 3 goal capture the Kayserispor revealed a more effective dakika game


The first goal came after the chain of errors that began with Belhanda. After a minute, it was a great luck to win. The intuition of a scorer like Diagne was an important factor in the goal. When the kick was thrown, it was a good goal to take the ball off the goalkeeper and send the ball back into the corner with a stylish kick.

Each match has break times. The Galatasaray-Kayserispor finds the breaking of the moment Emre Akbaba & # 39; nın was a dangerous move. Midfielder Arda Kardeşler fired in the face, showed a yellow card. VAR (Video Assistant Judge) did not feel the need to warn the referee. Emre's move was an unquestionable red card

Arda Kardesler was not happy. Unfortunately, these positions are judged differently according to each game. Each referee decides his own way. But the rule is clear. According to the person, according to the team decided to? …

Another break from the match was the penalty for Kayserispor with red card. Arda Kardeşler was right in this decision Ar

The same Arda brothers, the second half of the movement was surpassed by Donk. Penalty discussions, objections Kayserispor & nun remained on the air. According to most, the move was in the direction of a penalty Ç

In fact, the game ended in the first 45 minutes Aslında

10 people remaining Kayserispor despite the game did not break. Galatasaray ran over. He tried to find the Pozisyon position

A note about the Kayserispor. Due to the transfer ban, they have staff shortages. As Hikmet Karaman emphasizes, they play with 11-12 players. After Mensah, Umut was wounded. Maybe they have closed the season. Despite all these misfortunes, it is a great success to be in the middle


Yellow-Kırmızılılar played more controlled to protect the victory. 3 points won in the championship was of great importance 3

The score is good for Galatasaray. Another positive point was that Nagatomo, who could not play for too long due to injury, was back on the field. A goal scored by the Japanese footballer, the

In keeping with the championship claim, Galatasaray's defense needs to be more careful. Positions given in Kayseri coincide with the Kayseri danger sign

Each match will be more difficult than the previous match. Assuming that the race will continue until the last week, we must say that the more careful and willing the winning side Yar

Game summary; Galatasaray did not play very well. He won 3 points and continued the championship race. The referee influenced the score of the game, not giving a red card, a penalty Hakem


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