Sunday , March 7 2021

How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp made it possible to delete the content you've sent to someone you've texted in the past few months without seeing it.

But if you noticed that an incoming message has been deleted and you want to read this message, there is a way to do this.

If someone you talked to has deleted the message you sent, delete WhatsApp from your phone and then install it again. When you complete this process, your message history will be backed up and you may see the deleted message. When a message is sent to you while you are online, you will see a "This message has been deleted" warning. The message is stored in the phone memory, even if it is deleted from the conversation history.

Another way to view deleted messages is to use an application that can be downloaded through Android phones. While WhatsApp deletes deleted message notifications, these applications can store sent messages without deleting them. But the reliability of such applications is always a question mark.

WhatsApp employees will be aware of this error that they are planning to publish an update for the fix. The date the update is available is currently unknown.

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