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How to play PS4 games on Android devices

today Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Video and Netflix As online music and video services have become quite popular, the gaming industry has rolled up sleeves to offer cloud-based gaming services.

There are different solutions, such as GeForce Now, Playstation Remote Play, Project xCloud and Google Stadia, which are still in development. In this article, we'll explain how to play PS 4 games on your Android devices.

Can you play with Remote Play already? Please note that this feature is only available on Sony smartphones. Now, without further ado, let's go to our guide.

PlayStation 4 games can be played on Android devices!

1 -) First you need to download the Steam Link from the Google Play Store to your phone. After you install the application that is currently in the Beta phase, you can either connect the Bluetooth controller or proceed directly to the next step.

2-) To transfer the game that you play on Playstation 4 to the PC, we activate the Remote Play feature. To do this, we first enable Remote Play on Playstation 4 and later on the computer.

By clicking here, you can find instructions prepared by Sony for images. By following the instructions here, we make Remote Play ready for use on PlayStation and PC.

Remote Play Download Link for Windows:

3 -) After you start the Remote Play application on both sides, you will see the Playstation 4 screen on your computer.

4 -) We're opening the Steam Link app and tapping on starting to play. Steam will open in the large image mode.

5 -) As a last stage, we go to the screen with Playstation 4 with the Alt + Tab keys. In this way, we made our Playstation 4 remote playback screen.

Now you can enjoy Playstation 4 games on your mobile device. If you have a point, you can use our video guide below.

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