How much did gold prices come at the end of the day? November 26, prices of gold and gold grass


The gold grass price was balanced at 207.6 pounds after the first trading day of the week. On Friday, followed by a negative trend with the dollar rate and loss of ten ounces of gold, the day before the previous close, with 0.60% drop of 207.9 pounds. So how long was the grass and the gold room today? Here is the current price of grass and gold room

Gram's gold, which began the new week with a declining time, rose to 206 TL from 16.20. Gold prices for the quarter are sold at a level of 340 pounds, 333 pounds are taken back. Half the price of gold is about 680 pounds, while those who want to earn half the gold find value of 667 pounds. The selling price of the Republic's gold is being traded at a value of 386 pounds per 1 372 pounds is withdrawn

Asian gold markets, followed by a positive trend in the minutes following the previous close, with 0.30% of the premium, are traded at US $ 1,226.7.

Analysts said that the stress in Russia and Ukraine in the Sea of ​​Azov could increase the perception of risk in global markets, and this situation will be reflected in the prices of precious metal in a positive way.

$ 1,227 under the critical resistance level of $ 1,227, the level of $ 1,235 in the case of crossing this level will reach analysts, the grass with the support of $ 207, $ 210 came to the resistance, he said.


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