How long did the dollar last? (5.1.19)


Markets focused yesterday on the Central Bank's second inflation report. The Central Bank kept the inflation forecast for the end of the year at 14.6%, while statements by the governor of the Central Bank Murat Çetinkaya about the bank's reserves did not satisfy the market.

In the MPC's text, the tight monetary policy reiterated that the amendment was structural, indicating that an additional tightening could be made if necessary.


The CBT removed the expression yap additional monetary tightening, if necessary 25 in the MPC text on March 6. This shift in tense political discourse has led to strong sales pressure in TL.

May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day markets are closed today due to Turkey. But the dollar is traded in international markets. The dollar was trading at 5.9628 / 5.9686 as of 07:10. The course of the exchange rate continues.


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