Tuesday , September 21 2021

How is Mevlid Kandili’s prayer performed? 2020 Mevlid Kandili prayer time!

What time will the prayer prayer be held?

Since Qandils and other religious nights will begin with the evening prayer call according to the information provided by the Religious Affairs Directorate, the service can begin with evening prayer. Although the Religious Affairs Directorate does not have a clear decision on the matter, these prayers can also be continued with the evening prayer.


The night on which our Prophet (saas) was born is called Mevlid Night. Mevlit Kandili, who is noticed on the 12th of the month of rebiyülevvel, is among the important days and nights of the Islamic world due to the introduction of the Prophet Muhammad to the world. Muslims from all over the world celebrate tonight as Mevlid Kandili.

Oil lamps; These are the nights that illuminate not only our dark nights with their lights, but also our hearts, which narrow with spiritual senses, and enlighten our minds.

Lamps; They are the sacred periods of time that offer the opportunity to return to the essence, to sincerely invoke and to turn to our Almighty Creator, to purify our hearts that are contaminated with sins, to realize the temporary and the permanent, to open the eyes of our heart and clean our world of hearts and away from the false desires and desires of the soul.

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