Monday , October 18 2021

How are Istanbul candidates preparing for a "duel"?


Our people like to talk.

Such a culture has also emerged.

The problem, though, can be announced by wishing everyone a voice in Turkey, or those who want to achieve the announcement of sound remains the presence of media diversity.

My experience of 23 years at Hasbelkader says the audience is not looking at who is broadcasting, but what they are looking at.

This is particularly true for the political programs.

If such a publication has been happy for a long time, we will have the chance to see it next Sunday.

Candidate of the AK Party and CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu Binali Yildirim, will face, will share his trump card.

Lightning & # 39; Visiting & # 39; aware.

What he said yesterday about İsmail Küçükkaya, who was agreed as moderator, gives signs of this:

"It does not matter who comes jogging. Does not matter. Let no one take refuge behind any excuse. Alhamdulillah our forehead is steep dik he said.

I know İsmail Küçükkaya from his days as a journalist in Ankara.

For such a program, understanding its name is an important pillar for itself and an enviable development for others who do the same.

However, this situation does not change the fact that he mainly publishes publications that will make CHP voters happy, that most of their viewers are from that segment and that he acts prioritizing the sensitivities of those same circles when choosing news and presentations.

Let me open a little stand.

Television broadcasting & # 39; Neutrality & # 39; in my understanding it is not a word that finds its place in the total value.

Everyone, we all have a side.

Instead of Olma is not fair I find the principle most valuable.

Ismail's main task in Sunday's publication will be to ensure fairness between the two names.

I think you can do it and wish you success.

We talked a lot about the moderator of the program, but it's even more important how the two candidates will perform on Sunday.

Yildirim, the AK Party candidate, proposed another name, Ugur Dundar, who did not deserve the differences between his fame and the quality of his work.

When we met him on Sunday, I'm ready for all kinds of displacement loop I asked if there was a challenge.

Mr. Binali said:

Değil It is not very important to me who perceives how. My attitude is clear. There is no script and no fiction in that. I made a clear offer. Thank you, Uğur Dündar agreed first. But then something happened and he decided. Thank you Sağ

Let's look at the following expressions he used when speaking in the same context:

"Right, left does not matter. We did not call our party to your party. Choose what you want and we'll talk about Istanbul. "

Yesterday, I called CHP Group vice president Engin Altay, who had joint talks with Ak Party's Mahir Ünal, and asked questions about the format and the preparations.

"After we reached an agreement with Mr. Mahir, we handed this over to the technical staff. Questions, time and so on. on issues will continue to work with moderators and candidates " he said.

"What kind of strategy do you follow" I asked Altai "I have not talked to Mr. Ekrem yet, but you know everyone has candidate expectations in such programs. Here one step ahead, slightly above these expectations, gains " he said.

That's right, it is probably the winner of this race that can take a step forward.

As the target audience is the voters of Istanbul, even the narrowest target audience will be of great importance to know whether or not the candidates will be able to give convincing answers to the questions of these groups, since there will be those who have not yet decided to vote or go to the polls .

I do not know if they are asked, but I think the two issues to be addressed to Yıldırım and İmamoğlu are very valuable.

Imamoglu for;

Neden When the votes were counted, why were most of them counted by Binali Yildirim and would not it be better if all the votes were counted? " question.

lightning; "If the same result, that is, 1.3 per thousand difference was in your favor, would the elections be repeated? question.

Candidates have already addressed these two issues and have given their own answers.

I have already formulated a personal opinion on these answers.

But what matters is how to make a mark on Istanbul's voters, which still does not clarify the choice of votes, and may remain open to persuasion with the answers to those questions.

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