How about the transplant of your mother's bone marrow to Arin story!


In November last year, a rare type of leukemia, JMML was diagnosed with Eylem Şen Yazıcı, who lives in İzmir, and Öykü Arin, who is a 4 year old daughter of Çağdaş Yazıcı. The printer family, after being diagnosed, went to a private hospital in Antalya for treatment and, to find the right marrow again, started a campaign called tedavi Hope Hope at home and abroad. The campaign, which has lasted almost four months, has supported many celebrities and national and foreign citizens. Thanks to the campaign, thousands of people donated stem cells, but no donors were found for the story. After the donor could not be found, she decided to transfer the semi-compatible marrow to prevent the disease from further damaging the girl. The story of Arin, who was being treated in a private hospital, was released on Thursday (11 April). Her blood values ​​were measured and her general health screening was performed and her mother, Eylem Şen Yazıcı, was followed for one week under her supervision and her values ​​were monitored.


At night, the stem cells received from the mother were transferred to Arin's story. The mother's pre-transplant social media account said, "We're going to lose leukemia and we're going to win. Today, the stem cells collected from the buttonhole taken from me were delivered to my daughter. Because it is a semi-compatible transplant, it was not done by peripheral method. The bone marrow was obtained by general anesthesia. I must say that when I opened my eyes for the first time, I felt a little pain and after a few hours there was no work. If there was a 100% compatible donor, this method would be applied to the peripheral method and the blood from the vein would be withdrawn from the arm. It would be much simpler. I've said it a thousand times, but I'm telling you this as someone who lived this time. Even the simple method of collecting stem cells is simple and painful. Be a donor. I hope you do and never give up "shared a video with the article. I'll give you all my stem cells, Şen Yazıcı said in the video.

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After the transfer, he again made a part of his personal account, Eylem Şen Yazıcı, said:
Kü At night, the stem cells collected from me were transferred to my daughter My Story Arin. I planted seeds in a beautiful garden and I hope with all my heart that it can begin to sprout in 20 days and absorb Story Arin. In this process, a process that can be called a buttonhole battle between the new stem cells and the marrow of Story Arin will be experienced. I am sure that if there are JMML cells left in the adaptation or adaptation process, called Graft Versus Host, they will be confiscated. There are serious chances, but I do not think so. I think he will be overcome by minor problems because Story Arin is a very powerful lion and a gazelle of very beautiful eyes. IHA

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