Hope & # 39; s frozen baby & # 39; in cancer patients


Association of Reproductive Health and Infertility (TSRM) with Association of cancer fighters, individuals in cancer treatment reproduction cell freezing prevention of infertility that may occur during treatment, increase the chances of being a parent we decided to act together.

Koç University Hospital Clinic Director and Director of the Association of Reproductive Health and Infertility (TSRM). Dr. Baris Ata, AA correspondent, said in a statement, TSRM has continued its projects related to reproduction protection.

Ata cancer patients, including the disease will threaten the methods of reproductive protection of people with illness and inform them that they aim to increase access to the Minutes, when we meet with easier to reach the target audience, we think we can inform you, the best ones from this year. We have two target groups, the first is cancer patients or patients with other diseases that threaten reproductive potential, and the second is healthcare professionals who provide care to these patients. he said.

The success of freezing eggs for reproductive protection is not right, pointing to the experimental Ata, "But in the last 5 to 6 years, technology has arrived today, the egg is frozen by freezing, dissolving pregnancy rates, When ovary tissue is frozen and transferred back to the egg and no more than 80 babies born in the world, it is not considered very experimental, "he said.

"Purpose, informing about the effectiveness of the method"

Ata intends to inform people about the effectiveness of this method, both the patients and healthcare professionals they face, as well as the most important thing for them to survive and continue to live healthy patients, he said.

Expressing that success with this method of success has become important, Ata said that most cancer patients are worried about not having a baby because of chemotherapy and radiation.

At times, non-current knowledge of reproductive interventions, time from 4 to 6 weeks of chemotherapy, radiotherapy may delay the attention of the Act, "However, today with our methods of ovarian excitement, we see a cancer patient within 1 week to 10 days for almost all eggs. "Breast cancer, lupus, such as hormone-sensitive, hormone-sensitive, secreted by eggs, in those with susceptible hormonal diseases using a specific stimulation system, without elevating the estrogen hormone, without affecting the course of the disease, it is possible to grow and collect eggs, "he said.

"Reproductive methods must be covered by cancer treatment"

Professor Dr. Ata said he would like to inform patients and practitioners about the fact that these are methods that can be done quickly, do not adversely affect the course of the underlying disease and, in fact, there are methods that do not overload the substance.

SSI and private health insurance methods of reproductive protection methods to ensure that they aim to ensure that the transfer of Ata Ata, "already under stress and that financial burden of patients and their families, we want to ensure that they do not suffer from the financial aspects . " he said.

Ata, "uremenikoru.org" called a website called to remember, they share the necessary information about the method, he said.

Social media content, they are doing interviews with the Ministry of Health and SGK, Ata, "We are more on the way, but we have three ways. Social media and website to inform patients, professional meetings, reproductive congresses we do everything but oncology, such as congresses the Cancer Combat Association, the Association of Reproductive Health and Infertility to go along and give this information to these professionals, and the third goal of the ministry and SSI initiatives, he said.


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