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Op. Dr. Atabay said that he could not understand children's problems and therefore they should be examined.

Gz Hastalklar Expert Op. Dr. Eyda Atabay said that even if children are not a problem, patients should be examined by the doctor, and the wettest is gz disease. In cases where it is prevented, the child can be cleaned as a non-recurring tooth, which can prevent graft, severe hyperopia or astigmatism, or alkalinity. "If it is easier to treat a family of nine, it is easier to treat the family. But if the family doctor does not come, the doctor is late and the treatment is intact," he said.

the children of gz tembelli the treatment of how much kk that states that Op. Dr. Atabay, "Gz tembelli, the cause of the causative agent must be determined in the treatment of a patient who is a temptation." This should generally be corrected as the cause of In order not to bring the gz grme function, the gz tembellii gz tembellii gz to get the other gz will be forced to get the grunge gz, but where the effective closing arrow is moist. with the eyepiece depth and lazy gz.This situation should be explained in detail by the doctor and the family should be informed in detail how many hours should be closed.

In the case of alk, the GZ emphasizes the need to treat the first slow Op. Dr. Atabay, "Gz tembellii surgeries untreated in the case of alkaline re-occurrence may occur." Case Gz tembelline, if the case is closed without losing any time gz cover surgery gz optical axis should be taken, "he said.


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