Genco Ecer: I was not in love with İrem Derici


Genco Ecer, who is referred to the 2nd page by Irem Derici, was invited.

Relationship advertising, clarifying Ecer's words, "We started to feel something, did not try a little left," he said.

Here are the descriptions of Genco Ecer '

Of course, we live with Irem. Neither Irem was in love with me nor me … Our common ground was music. We met in a friend's room. We begin to feel something, we try, we leave a little. A situation that can happen to everyone. Our union lasted a week. We did not try for an important reason to leave.


I do not know if he did it to forget someone, but I did not. Our biggest mistake was the way we found ourselves at the beginning of the road.

No problem with us.

I'll get the idea of ​​holding hands for our cameras. She is more than a feeling that is a complete ik

I am a very new person in front of the cameras, I am not accustomed. There was a bit of rude between us. I stopped following the instagram. A few days after me, he pulled me out of the chase.

We did not have such a bad separation with Irem. We'll talk. No problem between us now. The İrem is a very natural and very high energy in a way that makes people feel valuable. She pulled me to that side. He had no disturbing speech.

I did not hear a bad word from Irem's mouth, she was like a lady for a week and ten days. But our relationship was very short. They told me that I was on the Irem for publicity. I told you to correct them today. "


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