Galatasaray's bid raises the answer for Ze Luis!


Galatasaray Spartan wanted to transfer from Moscow to Ze Luis had a flash development. Press spokesman Spartak Moscow made an important statement about Ze Luis.

Zé Luis Spartak of Moscow, 7.5 million euro bid for the rejection of Galatasaray, 10 million euros, bid was lifted.


Spartak Moscow press spokesman Leonid Trachtenberg, the Russian press, "Spartak, Luis Adriano, Fernando and Zé Luis do not sell. All this news is bullshit," he said.

According to BipSpor; The Russian team wants 15 million euros for Ze Luis. Zé Luis do Galatasaray has an annual salary of 3.2 million euros, and the scorer said that this amount is accepted.


Striker Cabo Verdeli, January 24, the press in the Russian press on the charges of Fenerbahce and Leeds United, "I have no intention of leaving Spartak Moscow." Rumors do not care, he said.

Spartak said on January 23 in Moscow that they had no intention of sending Zé Luis during the winter transfer period. In Spartak's statements, "Many media have seen news about the transfer of Luiz Adriano and Zé Luis. Our fans need not worry. We want to keep these two players on our team for a long time."was called.


His full name is Jose Luis Mendes Andrade. Later, he scored for Portuguese Gil Vicente, where he played for Braga, Videoton and Spartak Moscow. He scored 2 goals in 17 matches in the National Nose Islands National Team.

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