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Galatasaray HDI Insurance Cup – TRT Spor

Toto Champions Cup Sports match, season 2018-2019 Fenerbahce HDI Insurance Volley Galatasaray HDI Insurance finalist found.

Turkey Volleyball Federation Capital Volleyball Hall of Galatasaray HDI Insurance match 3-2 win Spor Toto was the owner of the Champions Cup. The exciting event was broadcast live on TRT SPORTS.

The first set began with equality of errors, blocks and mutual attacks. The Galatasaray HDI Insurance, Burutay, in effective services and tried to breach the number of games. Although the navy-yellow blocks made an effective offensive failure in completing the block, Galatasaray HDI Insurance took advantage of the set. After 17-17, the attacking weapons, which put the red-yellow, the defense won the set 25-23 and won the match 1-0.

In the 2nd set, Fenerbahçe HDI Sigorta made clever attacks, while the team made a yellow-red defender, headline and made mistakes on the block. The yellow lacivertliler 7-3 records the most different score of the match until the break. The quality of service from both teams on set was not high. Fenerbahce HDI Insurance did not allow the opponent to block the defensive defense using good offensive options. The yellow navy team won the set 25-16 and played 1-1.

Fenerbahçe HDI Sigorta started the third set maintaining the superiority of the game in the second set. Attack and block established superiority over the opponent. The Galatasaray HDI Insurance has recovered from defense caught 9-9 of equality. Re-mastered the navy blue yellow team game finds the numbers 12-9 higher than the technical break.

Players from the corner of Galatasaray HDI Insurance failed to close the gap and failed to score points, and 18-14 surfaced. The yellow-red team, including the libero in the defensive cuff problem against the opponent in the face of difficulty in the number of Fenerbahce HDI Insurance increased the numerical difference with effective offensive attacks and won the superiority by 25-22 2-1.

The team in red yellow started well in set 4. Galatasaray HDI Insurance recovered in defense and the blockade produced a series of offenses. Fenerbahce HDI Insurance displayed a bumpy graphic, the match against the opponent who made mistakes in the events of Ma Ter & # 39; in 16-16 & # 39; equaled the situation. The last part of the set with mutual numbers was the scene of a big conflict between the blue and yellow team from 23 to 24 minutes and took a break. Galatasaray HDI Insurance made no mistake at critical moments, winning the set from 25 to 23 and moving to the final set: 2-2.

The yellow-red team started the final set effectively. Galatasaray HDI Insurance finds the numbers followed by Selcuk's insistence on Venno, the exhausted diagonal passerby. Fenerbahce missed their chance to approach the opposition with lost services and Galatasaray by 8-4 over the field change.

Burutay Subaşı & # 39; nın with an effective attack and service led to the difference in yellow-red team and took advantage of 13-6. Galatasaray scored 15-6 and won the cup 3-2 and was the owner.

The match played at TVF Başkent Volleyball Hall was followed by 4.250 spectators. On the other hand, the most valuable player of the match Galatasaray HDI Insurance Burutay Subaşı was selected.

The last Champions League and Voley Cup champion, the blue-yellow team, has taken the Sports Toto Champions Cup to the museum three times before.

Halkbank is the team that has won the cup the most 4 times. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Ziraat Bank reached a happy end once in the organization.


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