Galatasaray announced victory as a law!


Galatasaray, the former footballer Franck Ribery to the manager of the 24-million euro-based case by Bruno Heiderscheid, the Swiss Arbitration Chamber has decided to pay the club to pay 600 thousand euros, he said.

The yellow-red club said the statement said:

"Former soccer player Ribery lawyer, unfortunately for a period of our club also served by Bruno Heiderscheid, applying 10% interest to our club, an invoice was sent to pay 24 million.

Galatasaray Sports Club, the bill in question, alleging that the request of the Arbitration Chamber of the Swiss Arbitration Chamber to the Geneva Secretariat had been notified.

According to the final arbitration award of the Chamber of Arbitration of the Swiss Arbitration Chamber on August 10, 2015, approximately 97% of the invoices received from the 24 million euro account in favor of Galatasaray Sports Club were rejected. or downloaded.

Bruno Heiderscheid has decided to take a decision of 600,000 euros (provided he processes interest of 10% as of August 8, 2014) and the expenses of arbitration in the amount of 50,727.25 Swiss francs will be paid to a Swiss company on December 22 As a result of the "Agreement on the Allocation of Rights" has been reported to us.

On March 15, 2018, the company was appointed by the lending company against Galatasaray Sports Club. As a result of the defense proceedings lodged at the Istanbul Commercial Court of First Instance (subject to the cost of EUR 600,000 and CHF 50,727.25), all court decisions were rejected and the court ruled in favor of Galatasaray Sports Club.

In these cases, Sec. Av. We would like to thank Ethem Postacıoğlu, the Law Firm of Postacıoğlu and all those who contributed to this project. "


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