Friday , October 22 2021

"Fractures treated improperly have a negative effect on development"


The children's infinite energy, the movement to avoid them, to run without stopping the hand, the wrist, the feet, the legs or the fingers occasionally, cause fractures. Bone fractures that are not timely and properly treated have a negative impact on children's growth and development. Assoc. Dr. Hakan Özsoy, fractures in children and gave information about treatment methods.

Children bones flexible odds

Özsoy said that different bone fractures can be seen in all age groups. The children's bones resemble a tree branch. Bones tend to bend and fold in childhood and there is no fragmented fracture. Fist and elbow fractures often occur in children while playing, cycling and running in the park. Ankle and leg fractures are also fractures in children. The healing time of each fracture is different. The periosteum, that is, the bone membrane that curves over the bone, is thicker in childhood and helps the bone to boil. In children, pulse fractures are cured within 3-4 weeks, while at later ages this period increases to 4-6 weeks. As age progresses, the duration of union of fractured bone is prolonged. he said.

Beware of food!

Özsoy said drinking 1-2 cups of milk a day or consuming a dairy product is important in the rapid boiling of the fracture in childhood. Bee trotters are very caloric. It does not need to be consumed in simple fractures. Due to multiple fractures, the body can be consumed in situations that require a lot of energy. More attention needs to be paid to nutrition for children with broken legs and arms. Fractures, such as wrists due to light falls, do not require much. Each fracture has different treatment methods. Some of them are treated with plaster and some are treated with surgery. If there is no boiling in a plaster cast, or if a false boil occurs, the fracture must be operated, supported by screws and wires. expressions used.

Preventing child's functioning can affect your life.

Özsoy finally said:

"Children are very active and active because simple fractures occur very often. These fractures are usually easy to boil. In children, however, elbow fractures usually require surgery. As the fractures can be detected very clearly by surgery, it is possible to take the patient to daily life without holding the patient for a long time with threads and screws. Because families avoid operating their children, some permanent damage is seen as a result of fractures. After the operation, the fractures hurt very quickly and there is no need for severe physiotherapy. The goal of fracture management is to restore the patient's normal life as quickly as possible. (Ilkhan A)

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