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Flood columns evacuated building cracked



Pendik Mayor Ahmet Cin in the building as a result of the review of the team of experts in the building in 20.00 rows of the five-storey building was placed close to the hotel and accommodation facilities. A citizen living in the building next to the building, which was sealed because of the danger of collapse, said: "It was during the first hours of the morning. Strange sounds came from the building.

Flood columns evacuated building cracked

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The mayor of Pendik Ahmet Cin, who did not arrive five to six hours later, arrived at the scene found investigations. They put a fence in the door, there were large cracks in the columns of the building, and the sounds kept coming from time to time. They evacuated the whole building, we can not get in at all. Your friends have left their personal belongings inside, but you can not login in any way. After the flood, there were fluctuations in the columns of the building and the building was shaken. We informed the county, the county came to control the building. They sent the families to the hotel and the relatives went to them. Pendik Mayor Ahmet Cin said supervisors will come here tomorrow Geniş While security measures are taken around the building, entry is strictly prohibited.

Flood columns evacuated building cracked

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