FETÖ Judicial Magnet Bank of Asia Game


Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) alleged "imam judicially" allegedly with lawyer Mehmet Rasim Kuseyri and family members of the order of the organization ranks Asya Bank already invested about 10 million pounds, the bank's transition to the TMSF appeared.

"The violation of the constitutional order" aggravated life, "armed terrorist organization, the management of" 22 years and 6 months imprisonment of Ankara 22 Criminal Court, Kuseyri's investigation in prepared by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board report ( MASAK), the case was among the evidence.
According to the report reached by the AA correspondent, the organization's financial institution closed the Bank of Asia Rasim and his wife, Bedia Kuseyri & # 39; nin 4, each of the accounts were identified on behalf of their children.

It was determined that Rasim Kuseyri's account was closed on March 2, 2015 and other accounts were not closed.


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In January 2014, the fate of the leader Fetullah Gülen FETULLA "Funds for the Bank of Asia". After the report's instruction, there is a significant increase in the balance of the Kuseyri report account in the report, the balance date of 8 million 583,500 pounds has been recorded.
In September of the same year, 5 million 472 thousand 134 pounds in the amount of the account balance fell to 8 million 348 thousand 285 pounds.
Following the transfer of the management from Banco Asya to BRSA on February 4, 2015 and then to the SDIF on May 29, 2015, it was reflected in the report that almost all of the money in Kuseyri's account was taken.
With the administration of the bank's management, the balance of Kuseyri's account, which reached ITL 8,5 million, fell to ITL 1 615 725 thousand and then ITL 19 000 149.

In July 2016, when the FETÖ coup attempt was underway, the balance of Kuseyri's account was ITL 20 16.
However, in the report, Kuseyri "in 2014, respectively, 1 million 310 thousand 682 pounds, 30 thousand pounds, 50 thousand pounds, 30 thousand pounds, 667 thousand pounds, 1 million pounds, 624 thousand 638 pounds, 30 thousand pounds, 2 million 550 thousand pounds, 100 thousand pounds, 50 thousand pounds, 285 thousand 369 pounds, 656 thousand pounds, 80 thousand pounds, 50 thousand pounds, 2 times 20 thousand pounds, 545 thousand pounds, 35 thousand pounds, 708 thousand pounds, 20 £ 70,000, £ 30,000, £ 130,000 and £ 56,975, $ 11,550 and $ 158,155 opened a participation account. " information included.

In the report, it was stated that Kuseyri transferred money with a large number of people who had been committed to the FETÖ investigation.


MASAK report, the account information of Kuseyri Bedia Kuseyri's wife was included. The balance of Bedia Kuseyri's account, which has 4 accounts at Bank Asya, had only 9 TL in December 2013, followed by the request of the FETÖ leader, 1 million 532 thousand 244 pounds.
The balance of Bedia Kuseyri's account fell to £ 10 after two months after the bank passed the SDIF, the report said that the balance, which rose to £ 101,000 in September 2015, was £ 10 again in July, when the coup attempt was tried.
Still in the report, it was found that "Bedia Kuseyri" opened a bank account in the amount of TL 680 thousand on January 9, 2014, TL 100 thousand on January 23, 2014, TL 330 thousand on January 9, 2014 and TL 100 thousand on June 4, 2015. "The statement said.

In the report, it was stated that Bedia Kuseyri had SSI registration at Ipek University, one of the organization's closed organizations.
Rasim Kuseyri & nun 4 children on behalf of the account expressed in 2015 Bank Asya's opened, some of them were closed in the same year, information was included.


Following the National Security Council (NSC) meeting on October 30, 2014, the definition of 4 illegal structures of illegal structure was made for the so-called community structure.
After this date, the leader of the organization, "Bank of Asia Archers, do not leave, do not leave." the members of the organization began to invest money in the bank.
In that process, some members of the organization were selling their houses while others were withdrawing from another bank and making deposits at Bank Asya.
After the order of the leader of the organization, 6 thousand, December 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 among the 400 thousand accounts were opened.
The deposit for accounts continued until the date the bank was transferred to the SDIF.

On February 4, 2015, BRSA assumed the bank's management due to the deterioration of the bank's financial situation. The Board decided to transfer the bank to the SDIF on 29 May.

The 16th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals, on appeal of the trial court trial, counted evidence of membership of the FETO on its own account when depositing with Bank Asia after 17/25 December in.



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