Fenerbahce Beko Anadolu Efes Euroleague match in which channel will be broadcast live tonight?




THY European League Normal Season 24. Week, Fenerbahce Beko Anadolu Efes game continues. The match, which began on Thursday, February 28 at 8:45 pm, is watched live by Bein Sports.

Fenerbahce Beko chief engineer Zeljko Obradovic and Anadolu Efes Prime Minister Ergin Ataman in the competition between the Serbian coach is superior.

THY Europa League, Fenerbahce Beko with a successful season in the 24th week of today, Anadolu Efes, will face.
Leader Fenerbahce Beko and 4. Anadolu Efes will face the event, the 41 will be the compromise between two bosses.
The competition of the two main winners in Europe began on April 18, 2000 in the Final Four of the European League. Greece's Panathinaikos team led Obradovic and Efes Pilsen at that time, facing the head of Anadolu Efes, Ergin Ataman. Serbian coach Obradovic won the game 81-71.

Obradovic's teams won 26 games and the Ataman team won 14 games in the 20-year competition.


Ergin Ataman's teams failed to win a win at the Ülker Sports and Event Hall in Ataşehir against Fenerbahçe led by Zeljko Obradovic.

Ataman, Galatasaray and Anadolu Efes began acting in 14 different moments in Atasehir. All of these competitions were won by the yellow-blue team under the direction of Obradovic.


In the Obradovic-Ataman competition, the Ataman team won 3 of the last 5 games.

Turkey Cup played on February 14, 2018 and the blue and white team made after the competition ended with a rule 83-80 game 2 students in Superior finished Ataman.

Obradovic's team won the second leg of both competitions.


Obradovic with Fenerbahce and Panathinaikos, Anadolu Efes, Ulkerspor and Galatasaray at the start of the Ataman, these teams are competing as follows:

Location Date Organization Match Result
Thessaloniki 18.04.2000 Final of the European League Panathinaikos-Efes Pilsen 81-71
Siena 31.10.2002 Europa League M.Siena-Panathinaikos 77-69
Athens 15.01.2003 Panathinaikos-M.Siena Europa League 64-56
Siena 06.03.2003 Europa League M.Siena-Panathinaikos 82-76
Athens 16.04.2003 Europa League Panathinaikos-M.Siena 111-103
Istanbul 08.12.2004 Europa League Ülker-Panathinaikos 66-64
Athens 03.02.2004 Europa League Panathinaikos-Ülker 79-72
Istanbul 31.10.2005 Europa League Ülker-Panathinaikos 66-82
Athens 21.12.2005 Europa League Panathinaikos-Ülker 85-69
Samsun 09.10.2013 Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray Presidential Cup 64-62
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 09.12.2013 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 77-62
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 31.03.2014 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 77-52
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 03.06.2014 Basketball Superliga Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 89-70
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 05.06.2014 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 74-73
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 08.06.2014 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 73-64
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 10.06.2014 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 88-82
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 13.06.2014 Basketball Superliga Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 76-63
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 16.06.2014 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 85-77
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 17.11.2014 Basketball Superliga Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 85-74
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 09.03.2015 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 92-88
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 21.05.2015 Basketball Superliga Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 93-67
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 24.05.2015 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 70-69
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 27.05.2015 Basketball Superliga Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 67-59
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 02.11.2015 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 80-63
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 27.02.2016 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 77-68
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 25.05.2016 Basketball Superliga Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 93-79
Istanbul (Ulker Sports Arena) 27.05.2016 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 80-55
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 29.05.2016 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 65-63
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 31.05.2016 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 75-82
Istanbul (Abdi İpekçi) 28.10.2016 Europa League Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe 87-103
Istanbul (Ulker Sports and Event Hall) 13.11.2016 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 92-74
Istanbul (Ulker Sports and Events Hall) 26.01.2017 Europa League Fenerbahce-Galatasaray 85-80
Istanbul (Abdi Ipekci) 12.03.2017 Basketball Super League Galatasaray-Fenerbahce 75-79
Istanbul (Sinan Erdem) 19.01.2018 Europa League Anadolu Efes-Fenerbahce 84-89
Istanbul (Ulker Sport & Event Hall) 4.02.2018 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Anadolu Efes 100-74
Istanbul (Sinan Erdem) 2018/02/14 Turkey Fenerbahce-Anadolu Cup Efes 80-83
Ankara (Ankara) 3.10.2018 Fenerbahce-Anadolu Efes Presidential Cup 62-65
Istanbul (Sinan Erdem) 25.10.2018 Europa League Anadolu Efes-Fenerbahce 89-83
Istanbul (Ulker Sports and Event Hall) 5.11.2018 Basketball Super League Fenerbahce-Anadolu Efes 86-79
Ankara (Ankara) Turkey Cup Fenerbahce-Anadolu Efes 80-70 2019/02/17

Note: In the 2013-2014 season, in the final game of the Galatasaray play-off final, Fenerbahce were defeated by 20-0 because the court did not leave the field. This meeting is not included in the statistics.


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