Fall in M3 currency offer – News


M3, the largest definition of money supply, fell 0.59 percent last week fell to the level of 2 trillion 260.5 billion pounds. Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (BCRT) based on the selected Balance Sheet and money supply data, 14 M3 money supply in June, down from 0.59 percent down to 2 trillion 260 billion 479 million 745 thousand pounds. M3 money supply, June 7, 2 trillion of 273 billion 956 million 106 thousand pounds was in the level.

TL demand deposits in the period in question, increased 1.49 percent compared to the previous week 177 billion 886 million 507 thousand pounds, foreign currency demand deposits (FX) decreased 2.13 percent to 279 billion 975 million 663 thousand pounds

Deposits of TL, futures decreased 0.30 percent last week 773 billion 506 million 48 thousand pounds, future foreign currency deposits decreased 0.49 percent was 791 billion 879 million 170 thousand pounds.


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