Expert avu lost in the opposite direction with the lost car


Ilyurt Aycuma Zonguldak & nun with the engine reverse geen engine, as a result of TIR's arpmas expert hunting Erhan Adabay lost their lives.

Information obtained from the accident occurred in the district of Kayklar. Hakkari Yksekova Da and Komanda Brigade Infantry Rifle Commander Expert Avu Erhan Adabay under the control of 74 AC 370 board while driving in the opposite melt Kazm Salih Ksa in the direction of his own direction 61 K 4215 board TIR head to head arpt. In the hbar were dispatched to the gendarmerie, firefighters and 112 staffs on site. The Salk teams were dismantled in the control of the vehicle's automobiles.

Gendarmerie teams start an accident investigation.


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