Monday , July 26 2021

Exciting details of the Galaxy S10 X with 12 GB of RAM!

For a long time has not been on the agenda Galaxy S10 new details about the family today have been removed. According to the details revealed by Samsung, 12 GB RAMYap A and ceramic box will host Galaxy S10 X template will be entered for the day one more time to enter.

The exciting details of the Galaxy S10 with 12 GB of RAM!

If you remember, about a week ago 12 GB RAMAya A and ceramic box Galaxy S10 X leaked features and model price have been transferred to you. Now, the exciting details about this model have been unearthed.

Galaxy S10X model with 12 GB of RAM

As you know, the world's first 12 GB RAM smartphone last December Lenovo Z5 Pro GT It was introduced. First of all Z5 Pro GTAfter that, Samsung is preparing to create a phone with 12 GB of RAM.

According to published reports, Galaxy S The series will be a model designed specifically for the tenth year.

Leaving all of this behind and looking at reports released today, that of Samsung Galaxy S10 X also called this model 5G support will be said to have.

According to the report, said model will have a ceramic box. Black and white ceramic, which will host two different color options, will be the characteristics of this model Ice Universe confirmed by.

Technology is one of the trusted sources of media Ice UniverseAccording Galaxy S10XIt will have 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory.

Moreover, said pattern will be highly resistant to scratches and shocks. Galaxy S10 X The model also looks very stylish.

Galaxy S10X model with 12 GB of RAM

Leaked Galaxy S10 X features

display: Super AMOLED screen in size of 6.7 inches
chamber: 4 rear + 2 front camera
drums: 5000 mAh
memory: 10 or 12 GB of RAM
storage: 512 GB or 1 TB
Operational system: Android Foot
price: 512 GB version 1400 dollars – version 1 TB 1600 dollars

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