Excessive consumption of red meat increases cancer risk


Specialist in Medical Oncology Dr. Ibrahim Tek said, iliƟ Do not be afraid to consume meat, but eat a balanced diet. Excessive consumption, whether natural or processed, is harmful. Many diseases and cancer cause more calories, he said.


According to the DHA; 30 percent of cancer is caused by a single type of food and not just red meat, but the whole food is extremely wrong, noted that Dr. Dr. Tek said: recent statements by the World Health Organization, that is, about 400 grams of vegetables consumed per day; the daily consumption of processed meat does not exceed 50 grams in women and 85 grams in men; The consumption of red meat is limited to 500 grams per week.

Nutritional problems are closely related to cancer of the stomach and pancreas, especially the large intestine. Red meat can form free radicals in the intestine during absorption. If the second handicap is not sufficiently fibrous, the duration of the gut stays longer and causes problems. Therefore, the risk of developing cancer is higher by 18% among those who consume less red meat. These are past patient data data.


Declaring that we are a country where meat consumption is not high. Dr. Ibrahim Tek, statements by the World Health Organization should not be overstated, but it is important to create awareness, he said.

He advised on cancer prevention and healthy living. Especially the vegetables and fruits that we call color should be consumed, 25-30 minutes walking should be done daily, cigarettes and alcohol should not be consumed or their consumption should be minimized if family history of cancer in relatives 15-20 years before the age of cancer begins to check the doctor. We want the ideal weight to be maintained and its height divided by the square of its weight, and we want the body mass index to be between 18 and 25. For example, in obese women with breast cancer, pancreatic cancer is more in people obese In addition, the use of antibiotics and unconscious vitamins should also be considered.


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