Erdoğan indemnity payment statement


President and President of the AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for compensation. We do not want to be a victim of anyone. This issue has three pillars, reconciliation is essential, we will decide by consultation with all var dimensions.

Minister of Treasury and Finance Berat AlbayrakWith the statement, the Yeniden Indemnity Fund is again on the country's agenda. Albayrak said he will carry out compensation reform with the participation of all stakeholders and said the fund will be integrated into the private pension system (PPS). The payment of indemnities is directly related to about 15 million workers and about 2 million employers.

Erdogan, EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee last met in Beştepe and Turkey Wing. According to Hürriyet, Erdoğan made the following assessment regarding the payment of indemnities:

Sen We do not want anyone to be victimized. A consensus is essential. You will sit down with the Family Minister and evaluate with all dimensions and decide on the consultation. Let us consider the reconciliation of all parties. This work has three pillars: workers, employers and government. We will solve this question by reaching the three pillars. "


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