Eat your bread healthily and conscientiously


Vocational School Yaşar, Head of Food Processing Department Ruhan Aşkın Uzel,

Each individual need for bread is different, stating that "a daily need for daily bread of 6 to 6 slices of bread a day, the average daily need for an adult loaf is about 6 to 10 slices of bread," he said.

Although we are the country that consumes the most bread in Europe, the citizen may hesitate to consume what kind of bread to consume. Explaining how to choose bread with high nutritional value and nutritional value. Ruhan Love Uzel, every individual need for bread is different, he said. Consumption of large amounts of bread with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, how to bring some health problems, but this should not mean the complete removal of bread from the table, stating that Uzel, "According to data from the World Organization Taking into account this relationship, it can be concluded that the consumption of bread is essential, since the carbohydrate intake is important, since it is dismembered in the body, which becomes the main foundation of glucose and acts as the supplier of blood sugar.In the case of body hunger before the carbohydrates, then the fat, the latest proteins to burn and energy to provide.cry, this can damage the muscle tissues, he said.

How many women and men should consume

From falling capita consumption of bread by in Turkey is reminiscent of 50 kilograms Yasar University Professor Dr. Ruhan Askin Uzel, "Of course, in our country, the need to take measures to balance the amount of bread is clear. Of course the amount of bread should be selective to be selective. However, it is important to note that depending on the type of bread, the daily bread requirement of an adult woman is 4-6 slices of bread a day, as long as the need average daily bread of an adult male is average. 6-10 slices of bread are out there, "he said.

Back to Sour Yeast Bread

He emphasized the importance of high-grain bread. Uzel also gave the following information about sourdough bread which has many benefits:

"The important thing is to choose the bread that has a good nutritional content.For example, white bread is a type of bread with a high glycemic index.Glycemic index means a rapid increase in blood sugar. The proportion of fibers is high and the glycemic index is low, which facilitates more regular control of the intestines, the sensation of satiety, the control of the level of sugar in the blood and weight control.The values ​​of sin are attended to as far as possible and at the same time the cholesterol in their bodies is balanced, they are struggling with bad cholesterol.When we talk about types of bread, bread is a type of bread that has started to appear frequently on the list in recent years.Although it began in the supermarket chains later on, sourdough bread has a long history. oldest method used for 500 years, making flour and water bread. Bread made from sour yeast is the easiest to store for a long time under suitable conditions of production and storage with flour and water. The glycemic index is low and contains dense pulp. Holds for a long time. It also supports the immune system because it prevents the degradation of beta-glucan in bread and during cooking. Regardless of the type of bread in the bread, consumption should be considered as a matter of hygiene. Packaged and non-contact loaves must be purchased. "

consumption of bread in Turkey

The share of grain products in the group of products that are manufactured in Turkey by 66 percent. The share of bread in this group of cereals is 56%, and the daily consumption of bread per person is 319 grams. This corresponds to 1.3 – 1.6 units of bread. This consumption is on an annual basis at least 100 pounds per person. This consumption with Turkey, occupies the first place in the consumption of bread in Europe. The average bread consumption per capita in Turkey is 50 kilos per year.

Eat your bread healthily and conscientiously

Eat your bread healthily and conscientiously

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