Wednesday , April 14 2021

Du Pestilence Disease aj Tan Survived by Nerve Blockage

ANKARA (AA) – DUYGU YENER – "nerve block" applied to the facial region was the hope of patients with trigeminal neuralgia, who were known as "insane disease" among people and did not cause pain.

41-year-old living in Antalya, Sunay Ozturk, teeth to be whiter than teeth had to be pulled all teeth after operations offset the "crazed disease," living in Istanbul, Emine Penbeya, 58, lived a bad dream.

Penbe, who had been suffering from pain for a long time after the treatment of his teeth two years ago, received a medical call from the University of Health Sciences. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl stepped in. Penbe, who was treated in the Department of Neurology at Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, gained health through the nerve blocking method applied to the nerves.

"I was going to play, someone came to me."

Emine Penbe describing the experiences of the AA correspondent two years ago after having a dental treatment so that the pain did not go through all the teeth had to make it so close, he said.

Expressing what he had applied in many hospitals because of his pain, Penbe explained the following:

"I went to the last department of psychiatry when my pain did not go away.I was in the hospital for a month.I went to Besiktas when the pain did not happen again.I wanted to get rid of myself.I wanted to get rid of it.I did not know that was a teacher. "He sent me to Ankara. My treatment is going very well, I've been in pain. I have a grandson with two kids. I'd like to meet them. I saw someone who was treated here on TV. "

– "It will not be the same after every dental treatment"

Gülhane Training and Research Hospital Department of Neurology Assoc. Dr. Ömer Karadaş said in his statement on the treatment applied, trigeminal neuralgia known as sudden severe facial pain among people, is called madness disease, stating, "The most common type of pain, stab in the nerve area, electric shock is caused by such symptoms. "The healing process is also prolonged." he said.

Black Sea before the teeth treatment after all the teeth forced to have the Sunay Ozturk in the treatment of the disease in the agenda of the application of nerve block was approved.

Patients used many different medications because of their non-painful pain and therefore were exposed to drug side effects.

Assoc. Dr. Karadaş indicated that they evaluated the combined pain associated with long-term pain after dental treatment and gave the following information:

"There is no condition that all patients have the same condition after dental treatment." While some patients benefit from the use of the drug, Emine Hanim did not get a response, we achieved good results with medication and interventional methods in our treatment. to eat, to do their own work.We use appropriate drugs in the treatment of appropriate dose for the blockade of pain in the area of ​​the nerve.The patients benefit from them.We will continue until the results are complete.

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