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We have a clear understanding that antidepressants are gaining weight and there is no 100% reliable data. Like many controversial subjects, everyone here says different things. But our observations are: These pills facilitate weight loss, making it difficult to lose weight. I mean …

Although different ideas are presented, the result we see in daily practice is clear and clear:

Antidepressant users …
– Greater weight gain
– More difficult to lose weight
If you have weight problems, remember to take this information into consideration. But keep the note below in your calendar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After reading this information, please do not leave the antidepressant pill prescribed without your knowledge. Just learn that you can do your weight problem and adjust your nutrition and activity again.


1- Taking Omega3 pills along with food gives better results.

2- It is possible to receive these supports at any time of the day.

3- The amount of EPA and DHA in Omega3 support is also an important detail. As its value increases, its benefits are increasing. However, in comparison to Omega phospholipid omegalase triglycerides, the absorption of EPA and DHA is considered to be much greater and therefore less adequate.

4- Fish oil and Omega3 supplements are not the same. There are very few fish oils available in the form of very low levels of EPA and DHA and do not have any serious benefits other than fish oil.

5- Omega3 supplements are used every month of the summer-winter year.

6. It is emphasized that omega-3s obtained by natural means are more effective and beneficial. Fish rich in omega-3s, eggs rich in omega-3s, dairy products, and meat are obviously the most rational.

7- As a natural source of omega3 should not give up. Walnut, linseed and oil, chia, beldroega sources Omega3 herbs, such as the well-known not to neglect.


Less eat for long?

When your age exceeds 50, gently press the brake for food and drink. When you move past 60, take your foot off the accelerator and put it on the brake. So, eat less and more, eat a 20% reduction in what you say "reduction" to "go." This precaution gives you 10 important advantages …

Serbest You produce less free radicals.
G You release less insulin.
Trig You produce less triglycerides.
◊ You get more antioxidants.
Unuz You will have a low weight, less blood pressure, more vigorous sleeper.
Iz As a result, you have the chance to be a healthier and longer living person.


WALK: Take at least 7500 steps a day.

STAIR OUT: Climb at least 75 steps per day.

SLEEP: You have to do a squatting exercise 20 times 3 times a day.

SHARE: Do not eat 1/4 of your plate, share with your friend.

PRACTICE: Perform a fasting period of 2 or 3 days per week.

EXPERIENCE: If you are a woman on an intermittent hunger cure, spend 12-13 hours and a man for 14-16 hours.

PROTEIN LOAD: Eat yogurt, eggs, lean white or red meat.

SEBZEYİ SEVİN: 3 out of 4 of your plate is full of vegetables.

CANDY sadece NO. Say: Just taste the dessert.

SEE UNLULARA COLD: Do not visit bakeries and bakeries.


Experts say that the energy stored in hydrated water reduces the surface tension of the water, thus accelerating the passage of water to the cells, which facilitates the removal of the cells from the toxins.
In short, it is helpful to start the day with a glass of warm water, if possible, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to that water.



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