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Dilber Moon's sad news at midnight!

Artist Dilber Ay, died due to a heart attack. According to the information received, at night, having a heart attack Ay, Ankara Training and Research Hospital. ilber Ay, despite the intervention here, 63 years of age died.


Further information on the death of artist Dilber Ay also appeared. According to relatives of the visit to Ankara due to the film and sound artist Dilber Ay, disturbed by an ambulance at 22.05 Hospital of Education and Research of Ankara. The doctors, who decided to have suffered a heart attack, kept Ay for life, spent an hour trying. Dilber Ay, died despite all the interventions. Emergency services officer Kemal Günaydın, Dilber Ay arrived at the hospital at 10:05 pm, reported that, despite all the interventions, they did not get a response and died at 11:00 p.m. Artist Dilber Ay will be given to the soil in Düzce.


Dilber Ay, who lost his life for a while, platform? Save the World Goodness? was learned that responsibility for the newborn. Police officer Mustafa Şahin, one of the volunteers on the platform, shared photos of his visit the day before Dilber Ay's death. appeared. In the meantime, Dilber Ay, because of the inconvenience of knee protections, learned for some time private hospital treatment.

Awarded at the Golden Boll Film Festival

Dilber Ay was born in 1956 in the district of Pazarcık in Kahramanmaraş. He entered the stage world with the sound competition he participated in, he released many albums.

The artist known for his work "Hacı Ağa", "I am forced to do it" and "do not come!"

Ay also had the talent for actress and acted as Best Supporting Actress for the film at the 14th Golden Boll International Festival with her feature film Festivali International Oyun.

Ay also starred in the feature films "Hayat Sana Güzel" and "Yol Arkadaşim 2".


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