Deep Press will appear along with Android Q!


Android Q, deep press called and for the first time in 2014 Apple Apple Watch Introduces with Touch of strength or 3D Touch all this year supporting a similar android devices will be active.

What is Deep Press? When it will be available?

Google android According to the information in the developer articles, android Q operational system deep press and a feature known as Force Touch or 3D Touch on the iOS side.

This feature, which can be useful on Android, can be used with limited functionality for third-party applications. GoogleIt is expected to offer a much wider range of transactions. Deeper pressAs details are revealed, it is curious to what extent the design strategies of smartphone manufacturers will be affected.

That this year android It is not yet known whether it will be enabled in the future and whether this feature is hardware-based or only enabled by a software configuration. GoogleAccording to sources close to & # 39; android QA few months after the stable launch of "should be introduced in October Google Pixel 4It may be possible to perform on stage for the first time.


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