Dark lines on the nails


Chairman of the Nail Diseases Task Force of the Turkish Association of Dermatology Dr. Fatih Gokay said in a statement, one of the most important factors to make hands and feet look good by specifying the nails, so the correct maintenance of both nail care, health and esthetic importance, he said.

The gnomes have stated that deformities that appear on the nails can sometimes be lost, and that dark lines in those areas can be a sign of major health problems.

Professor Dr. Göktay stated that the melanin osit brown black ink found in the skin and determined the skin color of the skin was produced by melanocytes and Siyah cells added the following information:

Thus brown and black discolouration of the nails may develop as a result of increasing the number of melanocytes under the nail and beginning to produce paint. This situation may occur later, as it may be congenital. Throughout the nail, it can be seen as linear and punctual. This condition, which can be all or part of a nail, resolved under the nail, can be caused by a benign condition, as well as melanoma.


As for the severity of the nail melanoma, Gokayay warned:

Dır Nail melanoma is the most serious life-threatening nail disease. Most nail melanoma begins with a dark brown, ribbon line, which is placed longitudinally on the nail. Nail melanomas may also appear as a pink, red discoloration without a dark brown color change. For definitive diagnosis of the disease, a biopsy should be done from the diseased area below the nail.

Survivors were found to have a very high survival rate. Dr. Göktay also causes colorlessness unrelated to melanoma by activating melanocytes on the nail under the nail of many factors such as fingernail friction, nail biting habits, various medications, pregnancy, hormonal disorders, ultraviolet treatment of skin diseases , vitamin B12 deficiency and genetic predisposition. he told me.


In the early diagnosis of the disease, the lesion can be removed surgically and the disease can be treated. Dr. Göktay said:

Bilir If the disease is treated in the early stages of the skin without descending into the lower layers of the skin, it can find 100% cure. Therefore, experts in skin diseases and venereal diseases should be consulted for differential diagnosis and treatment of all color changes that occur in the nails. It should be borne in mind that life-threatening nail diseases can only be cured by correct diagnosis and early treatment.



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