Monday , October 25 2021

Cumhuriyet Newspaper – (Video) The wife and daughter of actress Ceren Erginsoy were beaten


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Theater and TV series Ceren Erginsoy, video sharing on Twitter on the Istanbul coast Caddebostan picnic on the coastal road that warns his wife and daughter announced that he was beaten.

Erginsoy told about the social media account,

"My wife Erdem Özcan and my daughter beach on the road to cycling, cycling warned picnics standing on the road." But they were severely exposed to violence. situation? Can not come because? Mobese work, "he said.

Erdem Özcan calling those who witnessed the event "Unfortunately, the identification of the attackers can not be made from the images of the cell phone." Nearby cameras do not work.If you have other image areas, I would appreciate it if they contacted you. Thank you." did sharing.

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Sevinç Erbulak reacted to the incident. Erbulak twitter counts as follows:

"Electoral electoral election A city where the cameras on the streets do not register Companies that do not care The municipality that does not supervise them If there is no electoral vote promises We want to live in safety in our city.Everyone ties their own professionals on the roof of their forehead. Do you think you can provide your life safety and apply for the equivalent? It seems to me.

We will have an interlocutor when it becomes clear who does not keep the cameras. I still have to go to the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul I ask. Do not you need to monitor maintenance? Such neglect could have far worse consequences. He can still open it. What do you intend to do about it? What happens when we meet the caller? We did not find our lives on the street. At least we can say that. Scandal in all respects! Let's make a sound. Who is responsible for MOBESEs who do not work?

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