Crypto Para Bitcoin (BTC) Last Update to Buy!

[ad_1] – The best time to accumulate is when prices are low. Although Bitcoin (BTC) has witnessed a big rise this week, the digital asset is still below 75% of the historical record. Observing previous periods of accumulation can give an idea of ​​the current market situation.

The last date to accumulate bitcoin may be July!

Bitcoin fell by a similar amount in 2014 and 2015, when it went through a great cycle of explosion and collapse. During this period, most of the major media announced that Bitcoin was dead. In that process, the BTC fell from $ 1,130 to $ 200, and the chart pattern reflected what happened in 2018. During this bear cycle, the accumulation time was around 216 days between January and August 2015. But after that, Bitcoin started to rise again in 2016 and 2017. Leading currency Cryptot Bitcoin got a 9900% gain in December, the biggest ever.


Looking at the existing tables shows that we can be in the middle of this accumulation phase compared to the large green wax this week. If the pattern is repeated, the graphs indicate that Bitcoin's accumulation can continue through July. The acquisition of Bitcoin for $ 5,000 does not please investors up to $ 3,600. But these levels are more likely to increase. Therefore, Bitcoin is becoming a more attractive investment in the short term. According to analysts, most investors will not be able to reach an absolute level of decline for Bitcoin, as it was when they fell to $ 3,200 on December 15.

Bitcoin continues to win after big rally

Fundstrat's Thomas Lee has pointed out that Bitcoin will be a new bullish moment as it has surpassed the 200-day moving average for the first time since March 2018. Many analysts see this as a sign of reversal. The crypto bull has made one of CNBC's famous predictions this week, and now it's worth $ 14,000 for Bitcoin. The figure was obtained by tripling the cost of mining.

Three days after the big rally, Bitcoin continues its gains and creates new levels of support and stamina. The BTC has risen to $ 5,300, but in the last 24 hours it has consolidated more than $ 5,000. Many industry analysts suggest that in the coming weeks, the BTC could reach $ 6,000. gelişu should be informed of last minute developments chirpin follow, Facebook like our page and telegram Join our channel!


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