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Dataexpert and Fortune Turkey cooperation and IMC (Institute of Business Management) in Turkey hosted by the leading financial summit held CFO Summit 2019 took place on April 18 at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti. CFO Summit, hosted in Turkey's finance, key decision-makers and opinion leaders in the field.

Albaraka Turk, QNB Finansbank and Vodafone Business under the patronage of Eczacibasi Holdings, Sisecam Group, Anadolu Group, Borusan Hold, Aselsan, Turkish Airlines, Petrol Ofisi, Turkey's leading companies such as Summit Acibadem received the award from the CFO, the top leaders of the business world and 20 hosted the speaker. Risk Management and Investment Planning in Ticaret of Floating Economy, Ticaret The Future of Digital Finance: Artificial Intelligence and Agility & Cyber ​​Security ", S Restructuring and Transformation Yap," Competition and Growth in the International Trade Environment "were discussed in the panels.


Erdal Bahçıvan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, gave the keynote speech entitled Art The Importance of the CFO in the World, where Risks and Uncertainties Increased Z. Bahçıvan, "Today, global events and regional, one after another, very quickly under the influence of the world, in the minds of people in the world peun, küresel photo comes to life. In such a world, CFOs are increasingly assuming a strategic role. Bahçıvan continued his words as follows:

After strong growth in 2017 and early 2018, the global economy is in the process of slowing down in recent months. This environment of uncertainty makes it very difficult to make policy decisions and make financial decisions. That means today's financial managers; forced to move in a more hazy world where predictability is less. The importance of CFOs, who take on many important tasks, such as creating corporate financial strategies, meeting their financing needs, ensuring effective cash flow, and drawing up strategic investment plans is becoming more and more important.

The gardener pointed a different point in relation to the definition of the CFO, which could be a model for the future period. Business, media and universities especially in cooperation with many discussed on the basis of co-creation alan "stressed the concept of co-creation and ine Extremely technical, stuck in the field of CFO profile finance does not appeal to the world today.Today, there is a need for a CFO profile that is not limited to financial control, produces its focus, thinks about the social benefits, can say human first and prioritize the creation of added value for the future.

Albaraka Türk General Manager, Melikşah Utku, who gave a special address at the CFO Summit CF The CFO's Role in Change in Financial Management gave you the following information about the role of the CFO: more reporting, risks and costs in the Traditional definition of CFO A definition was made as people engaged in focused work. In today's world, changes in risks and uncertainties, process of digitization, innovation, big data and stakeholder oversight have changed the terms of reference of CFOs. Smart technologies will guide the business world of the future. In the digital age, therefore, the importance of smart technologies is increasing. Companies should focus on innovation to develop and renew their processes. Emerging technologies make data grow and become complicated over time. The risks that the organization is exposed to change rapidly in environments where the global conjugator changes very quickly. Financial leaders must adapt to this pace of globalization and the rapidly changing world.

At the CFO Summit, QNB Finansbank executive vice president of Corporate and Commercial Banking, Ömür Tan, gave a presentation titled Ticari Digitalization and Confidence CF. In particular, he said that new technologies and digitization in the supply chain will guide the future of world trade and stressed that companies should take their place in the competition by designing the way they do business five years later. QNB Finansbank continued this digitization operation explaining the innovations that were released as QNB Finansbank and sharing the following information as follows: As creator of Artificial Intelligence Q, we implemented the e-transformation integrator used by 9 thousand customers. While we attach importance to the digitization, we also consider cyber security very important and we are working on this issue. The world has invested $ 102 billion in cyber security in 2017. This number will reach $ 143 billion by 2022. The banking and financial sector must be more cautious than ever against cyber attacks. CFOs have a lot of work in terms of protecting information.

"Digital Transformation of Financial Services" involved in the speech titled Vice President Vodafone Turkey Executive Meltemi Care for Falcon, the world again leads to a sustainable growth, competition and speed issues, noting now that you have a shared the following much more information vital: "Every day, which results New risks require new management strategies and adaptation to new technologies. Vodafone as a locomotive company, adding up the power of technology and Turkey are ready to prepare for tomorrow. companies in Turkey as well as digital partner offers them end-to-end solutions, we support the fastest way to the digitization process.At this point, our cloud solutions are also critical.Vodafone Turkey Cloud Technology Base, constitutes an important link in our investment Our center of 9 thousand square meters equipped with the most advanced technology the world, serves all Vodafone corporate subscribers, not only in our country, but also internationally. We recently added the ü VMware Cloud on AWS solution to the services we offer at this center. The first company to market this technology offers a more dynamic and flexible operation of the facility, as well as providing an improved security system in Turkey. Turkey will take on the road with our solutions and services to scan, to be with companies of all sizes, while our domestic and our cooperation and support to domestic production will continue to increase day by day. "

The 2014 CFO ended with the award ceremony given to 50 Most Effective CFOs after the speeches and panels.

Note to the editor: Ample CFO Summit will take place comprehensive all themes and speakers in the May edition of Fortune Turkey in 2019.

Fortune Turkey of "50 Most Effective CFO" Research Methodology on:

Fortune Turkey and Dataexpert conducted in cooperation with "50 Most Effective CFO" organization for more than a thousand projects; In this study, it was analyzed in terms of turnover size, asset size, number of employees, profit growth in the last three years, cash generation capacity and repetition of the organization in the sector. More than a thousand institutions included in the study were created based on the Fortune 500 and ISO 500 lists of the last four years, listed companies, holdings, and research applications. Banks, insurance companies and publicly traded companies were excluded. CFOs of 400 companies with the most successful financial performance were determined. CFOs whose mandate was short and who did not want to participate in the survey were excluded. Information and job histories on the financial performance and achievements of the candidates were obtained. The survey was reviewed by the advisory board. were determined to vote the advisory council and known for its performance as a result of 50 more effective assessments of Finance Manager of Turkey.


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