Ceyhun Yilmaz said that 5 months and 25 days in jail!


In 2015, Ceyhun Yılmaz was invited by Mehmet Turgut, Müjde Uzman and Filiz Taçbaş on the Uzman Laf Çok Bolé program in Mesut Yar. During the question see what is your job? Ğ was directed by the server Mesut Yar, led by the gospel specialist, Ceyhun Yılmaz gave a silently shocked response to Mehmet Turgut. After the program, the expert, Ceyhun Yilmaz, filed a lawsuit against blasphemy. The case is over today.

Feyza Altun, a lawyer with the Gospel Expert, explained the court's decision:
Ceyhun Yilmaz's insult to Ceyhun Yilmaz's word "Ceyhun Yilmaz" is a derogatory word for his honor and honor. Ceyhun Yilmaz is sentenced to 6 months in prison. Although this crime was committed publicly before millions of times, it was increased in 1/6 to 7 months, and defendant Ceyhun Yılmaz was postponed to 5 days and 25 days because of the positive impression he had on the court. in the process & # 39; joke & # 39; stated that he did not make a joke after insulting each other, the female body blasphemy, women, labeling, labeling, humiliating and humiliating words used to humiliate our tongue as soon as possible I wish. "


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