Çağla Şükel and Emre Altuğ found their son to the north


The model Çağla Şıkel and Emre Altuğ ended their 7-year marriage in 2015 despite their son Space and the North. Although the separation of the friendship of the couple continues. Şıkel, along with the children of his ex-wife Emre Altuğ, attended the northern graduation celebrations. Binary coupled with their children shared with the followers of social media accounts taken cadres.


Çağla Şıkel expressed his feelings with the words "We are ready and prepared for the graduation celebrations of our North".

Emre Altug, his ex-wife and children removed from the social media account of the square, "There is a graduation from the North … Graduation in elementary school …" shared the note.


On the other hand, Çağla Şükel, together with his ex-wife Emre Altuğ, participated in the space reading festival. The two, along with their son, shared their squares of their accounts in social networks. Çağla Şıkel, the part, "What great happiness … My space … My son … Your brother watched with pride" note had fallen.

Emre Altug expressed his emotions with the words: "The festival of reading our space space was incredible. Thank God you have my son …"


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