Bursaspor's shock: Income confiscated!


Tayfur Serdar Güllülü, a member of the supervisory board of Bursaspor, which will hold the extraordinary general meeting on Sunday, June 23, said the current board of directors confiscated the proceeds in exchange for their receivables. Board of Directors, up to the moment of duty Bursaspor & um interests to underline the obligation to underline Güllülü, the current management period due to the decline of Sports Super League Toto will suffer only 70 million pounds of broadcast revenue Bursaspor should not be achieved more than in the future, he said. Asserting that they had said before that the economy should be left to future management's decision regarding players in progress, Güllülü said:

"Until the date of the congressional transfer of administrative receivables, such as the deduction of board credits or receivables, such as the board decision to cancel the decision to initiate the necessary process, we are alerted," he said.


As of today, on the morning of Özlüce İbrahim Yazıcı Facilities, indicating that the board revises the book, Güllülü said:

"Unfortunately, I would like to say that today's decision 53 of June 19, 2019, added to the book of decision and subsequent decisions of the content of football sales and accounts receivable from other clubs arising / due to management receivable for the allocation and Mortgage is placed on the administrative receivables, all rights related to the name of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium, publicity and income is assigned to the administrator accounts receivable, e-ticket to the current neighborhood of our club on the road near the Soğanlı district. be paid by the Association of Active Investment Bank Inc. e-ticket, passolig and born / all ticket revenue managers for provision for credits arising from this put and pledge assignment, Turkey Super League professional football clubs in favor of the club will be born by the Foundation / k to be born will manage all credit I have determined that the designation and promise have been put into practice and that the clu and was assigned and committed to all team incomes that were born / will emerge in exchange for executive receivables. "


As a Bursasporlu and member of the supervisory board, Tayfur Serdar Güllülü stated that he read these decisions with regret.

"However, it should not be forgotten that the maximum and authorized body of an association is the general meeting. In other words, these decisions of our board of directors are contrary to the law and are null and void. the Commercial Code and the Cooperatives Law are applied in a comparative manner.Each member present at the meeting and not participating in the deliberations of the general assembly taken in violation of the law or bylaws within a period of one month from the date of the decision, and in any case within three months from the date of the decision, applying to the court may request cancellation of the decision. association can not open the case of internal audit can not be opened, "he said.

Güllülü also shared Article 395 of the Turkish Commercial Code and Article 59/6 of the Cooperatives Act with the Bursaspor community.


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