BREAKING NEWS! President Erdoğan: I was sentenced when I was mayor


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements in social media and joint TV broadcast.

President Erdoğan used the following statements about the open session on television: "I did not like the broadcast.There was no objective management approach in the publication.There was a serious bias in the minutes until we came to the issue of questioning.For example, the candidate moderator to the CHP & # 39; President, on the other hand, did not miss the fact that Yildirim said "the candidate to the President". the time for the two islands, "although it has not been attended to. For example, Mr. Yildirim received less than 4 minutes. All these minutes, we invested in the table. Especially, we see that the CHP candidate was intervened 10 times, but Yıldırım was stopped 26 times. Speakers in front of the moderator, the more he stops talking, the more he loses his presentation, the flow disappears. Unfortunately, we have experienced this. "

Regarding the Istanbul Metropolitan City elections, which will be renewed on Sunday, President Erdoğan said he will address the businessmen in the Golden Horn at night and said: regardless I said before March 31, I do not believe in this research anymore. In particular, there are some research companies that seem to be very famous, we are looking very strange at the moment, companies that did not have their findings in the previous elections are currently researching on behalf of the CHP. As president, if I do not do my duty on any issues that may arise "I wonder if I would have been better off doing something" I attended the meetings based on the idea. I do not have a rally, I'm going to have a special guest, Nechirvan has not been here for a long time. Last night, I got an address for businessmen. There will be a dinner meeting with 1500 people at the Haliç Congress Center. Besides, now we can finish the programs. Mr. Binali has some programs tomorrow and Saturday. "

President Erdogan's Istanbul elections, a very short time before the voters will you get a message? "

"The AK Party will not be the loser of this election, because we are now the majority of the city councilmen in the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, we have all the commissions, the same as the MP of the Parliament. here, there will be no integrity of the administration, it is obvious that there will be disagreements in many matters.

The statements of President Erdoğan are as follows:

There is serious abuse here. If all this had been told, this would not have happened, but a very different image would have arisen. YSK made his decision. We are going to the elections with this decision of the SBE. Excluding today, Friday and Saturday are two days. We make our preparations, we will. I wish our preparations are favorable to good. I had a meeting with the foreign press today, but they did not enter much, but some members of the press asked about the elections in Istanbul. Your interest is significant. The March 31 elections were very, very serious attacks. The Greek press was very different. As a result, YSK decided. The main opposition made him the biggest attack. First they relied heavily on SBE members and started calling them gangs. Whatever happens, let's call our heads, our eyes and turn to the future.


Whatever the legal situation here is the equivalent of this blasphemy and in connection with it, our governor is determined to take this work to the Public Prosecution and the Judiciary. Thanks to the election here after the election showed the accusation of the prosecution. Here, the decision will be judged. The judiciary is the authority to decide legally what it is to call the governor of this country. Already in our laws, the governor of a province, the administrator of this kind of blasphemy here in exchange for certain. How old, how old. I'm going to do a great test here. I was the mayor of Istanbul. He did something like this before being elected. When I was the mayor, I was sentenced by the poem I read. Did they take my mayor away from me? They took. This is a profanity without the mayor.


Does the governor have written visual records? We saw all those records. People say that. As president, will not you preserve your governor? Are not you going to take care of your governor? We can not let this go. Protecting ourselves is among our primary duties.

What do you mean, governor? It means the deputy of the president in that province, the deputy of the nation in that province. If you call a governor, sorry, no one is going to eat. I have to protect my governor as president, I do not make him eat. (If Imamoglu is elected) If he receives the punishment that exceeds a certain period, it will decrease, if he does not exceed that period, he will continue his duty.


Shortly after Mursi was taken, the trolls of this CHP were upon me and said that "Erdogan's fate will be like Mursi". This went on constantly. Now, in the same way, even if there is not the slightest intervention of Mursi for 20-25 minutes, agitated trolls again arise. "Erdogan's fate will be exactly the same as Mursi & # 39; they said. On Sunday there is a study of mentality, on the one hand, there are Sisi sides, which put Erdoğan there, and on the other hand, the situation of Binali Bey. We represent Morsi's mentality according to their understanding. Why is the Western media attacking Erdogan today in Germany, France and the Netherlands? He is attacking because of a mental problem. FETÖ, PKK, DHKP / C are behind the attacks of the German media. All this is very significant, they need to be serious.

"CHP Candidate 10, 26 YILDIRIM was intercepted 26 times"

I did not like the broadcast. Since there was an objective management approach. There was a serious bite of minutes here for questions. This is not only partial, but also later, because even in the way of questioning, some partiality seemed very concrete. For example, the moderator CHP candidate & # 39; President & # 39; on the other side Yıldırım & # 39; the candidate & # 39; President & # 39; did not lose our eyes. The inequality was noted in the speaking time of the two candidates. Although he should be followed very carefully and said, "I will be very careful with this, I will check the time carefully for both candidates." For example, Mr. Yıldırım received less than 4 minutes. We put all this on the table. Mr. Yıldırım's words were interrupted from time to time and his opponent had no such problem. In particular, we see that the CHP candidate was intervened 10 times, but Yıldırım was stopped 26 times. Speakers in front of the moderator, the more he stops talking, the more he loses his presentation, the flow disappears. Unfortunately, we've tried it here.


Meeting of the CHP candidate with the moderator on the Marmara Stage. There are 45 minutes of this meeting. 45 minutes while I gathered all the questions, what kind of questions would be asked. This is purely an art that frees questions. This is entirely FET's job. During the program that night, the CHP candidate next to him on the subject has boxes. There are boxes in the boxes. The moderator asks the question, which is very interesting. After asking, he is showing the boxes according to the titles. Is this robbery? You will tell how I did a very fair moderation. They studied for 45 minutes. We took pictures of all those boxes. How were these photos taken and prepared in advance? The question is asked, he immediately leaves and gives the answer according to him. This is not a fair debate. In fact, it is no longer fair. It has become a controversy against political and moral values. I had an argument with Mr. Dündar during the Baikal period. We Tanla on behalf of the CHP debating, Uğur Dündar had met. Ömer Çelik met me. We went on the program. It was a very good discussion. It was quite pleasant comments. Negative things like that did not happen.

"This interview shows that the CHP candidate is irresponsible"

He finished as moderator. I was asked what we should do & # 39; he. I gave different names. These names were not considered reasonable by the candidates and that was the point. One way or another, we will see the work of this debate on Sunday at the polls. This sequel will be revealed very clearly in the network. The question of the governor of the army, police issues, theft of various cases and so on. It is very important for the CHP candidate to hold a meeting in a hotel for 45 minutes to make the CHP candidate irresponsible. For example, they said these things to Mr. Binali Yıldırım. The moderator said this did not happen. Everything has already appeared very clearly in the network.

"Ideological approaches break this type of discussions"

I have never been involved in such a thing, since we have been working for a long time with Mr. Uğur Dündar. It's the kind of concern I'm not getting into. There is something wrong with everything. Some are truly honest. Ideological approaches interrupt these discussions. I was just in the process of that time. Although Mr. Baykal is a very experienced and experienced leader than I, we had this discussion with him. We had this discussion with no problem. As a leader, I get involved in such discussions. For example, how is it happening in Russia, in America? We took it all and examined it. We have the last debate of Trump and Clinton. I told my advisor and Mahir Bey that there was a discussion. But that did not happen.


While we evaluate the performance here, we show a more dynamic image and, on the other hand, we consider it as a weight candidate with experience, depth and accumulation. There is a maturity and depth in the posture of Binali Bey. You will leave IDO as general manager, you will be a deputy, you will do the Ministry of Transport for 10-11 years, prime minister and then the President of the Assembly. There are no places where Binali Bey does not touch roads, infrastructure and airports in all 81 provinces. What have you done in Istanbul for 25 years? Who says? Your opponent says. If there is a human eye, there is nothing to do now. Are not you going to see Marmaray, Eurasia? On the other side, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, all of which were completed.

"We brought water from one side of Istranca to the other side of Melen"

Binali Bey shares in case of guarantee. Now he's telling the old men about the free city bus. We did that. He is talking to students about the scholarship. I gave my scholarship to the CHP at that time, so I was the mayor and took it to the Judiciary. He said he can not judge and is removed. When we became prime minister, we attached this scholarship to the prime minister. We then connect this to the Institution of Credit Dorms. Now we are paying $ 500. Currently, this number is 750 TL for master's degree students. We currently pay 1,500 TL for PhD students. There is no need to lie here, say what you did not, you can not do. I wonder how you can handle this with the county's income. That brings something to the water, says it's for free or cut. This poor man brought water to Istanbul. In my time, we brought water from the Strandja mountains and from the Melen side to the Anatolian side. On the other hand, a tube was placed under the throat.


Istanbul is not an ordinary city. In my period, it had a population of 8.5. If costs are priced between 1994 and 1999, it is not possible to subtract them for the same price at the moment. The costs and costs of investing here have increased more than ever. What needs to be done at the point of infrastructure is increasing in a very different way. When we took Istanbul, infrastructures, underground passages, viaducts, intersection arrangements were started. When I arrived, there were Ikarus buses. They were falling! It is cleaned with cloths of diesel oil. When you arrived, you could not stop the smell of diesel. I sat down with friends at the IETT: "Come Mercedes, MAN, BMC's bus," I said. After me, my friends set up the BRT system. Doing the subway is not an easy task. Currently, all types of subway investments are currently in Istanbul. The AK Party council involved in them. You ride from Üsküdar, you come to Çekmeköy. There is no Vatman, he is going with the remote.


The Court of Auditors announced that it had made such a determination in Beylikdüzü. Lying on such a thing can not be building. 94 and currently 2019. statement of Neşat Ertaş, or "Askinan running relentless" it. What most affects us is garbage, wells, mud. It never fit the city like Istanbul. We're on a mission and this needs to be cleaned up. Before taking office, Ümraniye dump exploded and 39 people died. Ümraniye and Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor were from the CHP. It was the thing that touched us the most. Meeting Habitat of Istanbul. At that meeting, Istanbul was among the cleanest cities in the world. The most important problem was water. May Allah implore Him in relation to water, Mr. Veysel. I brought it to ISKI. It showed very successful performance. We started to solve the water issue of Istanbul in 1, 1-5 years.


I do not know how much mothers and fathers say to their children. Look, we're from around here, does he do it or not? It is a utopia for young people. At universities, fees were collected and the demonstrations were conducted. We removed the mortar. If we ask about college youth, he does not care. Now college kids say money is already the core of the chickpea. He's not evaluating that. Where was this country in 1994 and where is it now? It was a breaking point. We have acquired a solid understanding of municipalism in our country. After that, competition in the local authorities began. Now I see the promises of Binali Bey and the promises of his opponent. Are these promises true? Promising them, will we bring the youth to our side? Buses are free, free internet I wonder with these counties? Now let me say something clearly clear, I do not think it realistic to know the county.

"We have to see a different process in architecture in the municipality"

We've set up technology parks in Turkey. We, as a state, must do this work, but the municipalities do the same, Istanbul is suitable for this work. In large industrial companies, it is useful to take action with some similar half day employment here. Paying a certain amount of money from work is already illegal. I think this is going to change our youth to a very different place. Those who come to Istanbul want a place to invest in tourism. We need to capture a very different process in the architecture of municipalism and especially focus on urban transformation. Hold on to kindergarten, elementary school, high school, high school, until you get to university here, I think we should take concrete practices that will touch the audience.


We must walk until 2023 with our understanding of the new era of municipalism. The urban transformation based on the neighborhood, environment-friendly urbanism, such as architecture, are preserved, the spirit of the city is alive, for example, we can call the spirit of neighborhood. Now you live in the same apartment, but you do not know your neighbors. The site is already a disaster. Now can we get this again? Now we tell TOKI that you will return to that understanding and do your projects in this way. At least it should be elementary school, worship, places of purchase where everything can be settled there, you can prepare plans and projects for this purpose, we gave my friends the necessary instructions.


What can a municipality do in relation to freedom? This is a problem for the central government. Does the council have the authority to stand up and take legal action in relation to freedom? Currently in Turkey, we need a constitution, we legally made an iktid all legal regulations on freedom. They have to say that there is no freedom. Could my Kurdish brothers use radio and television in the neighborhood? Could they do such a thing in your advertisement? The mother, who went to visit her son in prison, could not speak Kurdish with her son. He could not name his streets. They entered parliament in our period. They took their first three places. However, they did not use this freedom as required by law. You will do what the law allows.


If anyone tries to usurp the rights of my Kurdish brother, he will find our government. Currently, there is no power that has given our service to the Southeast for decades or even throughout the history of the Republic. Go to Diyarbakir, you can not recognize. A brilliant city of Diyarbakir at night. They ruined the walled city. They were full of holes. They smoked in the Kursunlu mosque. All these ditches were closed by us. Mehmet Özhaseki was then Minister of Environmental Urbanization. The so-called inner city has been completely reworked. There were picnic areas in the broadest sense. Diyarbakir fell upon itself. Cafes, restaurants, shopping places along the way. Currently there is a modern Diyarbakir.


We do not have ethnic nationalism. We have no problems in terms of freedom of thought and belief. No one enters into an ethnic imposition. We won the election in Şırnak. I believe this friend will be very successful in Sirnak. Likewise, all districts of Şanlıurfa are almost from the AK party, except one. That's a sign. Currently not Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa Southeast? The first part is by far the AK Party. In Kahramanmaraş, Erzurum, Malatya, you will see that the AK Party is way ahead. At the point of freedom, we have no problems. This is the west. Let him look at the island of Akdamar. We built the church there. There is a Bulgarian church in Fener, called the iron church, which we did the same way. Merkel asked me, they had a church in Tarsus and we built it.


Demirtas has 7 different explanations. We have also learned this explanation. Very clear and clear at the time the CHP candidate explains this support. What is so interesting? Here is Apo's explanation. I look at this. This is not our problem. What comes to us from there, what does not come, we cut them more or less. There is a power struggle here. In this power war, there is a serious change in the power war on the Öcalan-Demirtas point on the wing of HDP-PKK. During this process, Öcalan does not want to lose his own power. Avoid asking for Demirtas until you reach the mountain. That they betrayed him. They have certain attitudes towards it. In this statement, he said: "If you support me, if you are a party behind me, neither here nor here, you must put your own power, you must put your own neutrality anywhere." He is clear. Of course, as you know, a PKK candidate supports the CHP candidate. A wing says the third way. Binali Bey has nothing to do with these things. We are taking this process only with the Republican Alliance we established with the MHP. Everyone knows there is no support for this. I say there's a leadership struggle here. ÖCalan gives his messages to Demirtaş and to the mountain. As a politician we inevitably have a certain interest in these issues. I was very saddened by the abuse of my Kurdish brothers. The separatist terrorist organization at the top of the list of deputies sent to parliament and who injured their ointment was. None of this. We know those who do business with them. They appeared in the written visual media. I say do not waste your votes for parties that are supported by the PKK.


Our business is with leaders. Party members who love them can give us the game. How do I close the door for him? CHP, GOOD Party, Felicity Party, HDP & # 39; ye said to the citizens of my heart. His position at this time is not the same as that of those who gave them direction. Our job is with the executive team. He's dragging them in the wrong direction. No service has given them. At the moment, the Bay of Izmir smells just like our Golden Horn. See what we did for the Golden Horn. Did Izmir have water? We brought the stream of water. We brought water from the Gördes dam to İzmir. Look, this garbage, especially in the summer, that smell will weigh. This does not happen sitting down, talking too much. Just what we do in the Golden Horn. Made with serious collecting tiles. İzmir can not continue this business. Because it's love I do not think the person who comes in now has such a problem.


At the moment, Binali Yıldırım did his part for me. He visited representatives of the senior administration of the Felicity Party, which he should visit. This is a courtesy that Binali Bey has shown. Not only that, we did not. We, in introducing our other common friends, is not a right path, let's put that work on the path. Who is your position now? It goes to parties supported by the terrorist organization. Putting this in a certain way, let us take the steps of a common formation for our future. There is no positive development expected so far.

"Let's take the beauty of the past with our happy brothers."

Once, they take the step of dividing the country into Kurdistan. There is no Kurdistan region in my country. This man is the top executive at this party. Now, if this country is a state of law, if we do not take our precautions against all these separatist movements within this state of law, we will fall to where we fell 10 years ago. Right now we are fighting terrorism in the mountains. Meanwhile, we give martyrs. I am seeing my parents martyrs. When I call my condolences to them, their solemn stance is above all appreciation, but the fire is burning. If I am a president, I have to do my part to the full extent to operate the law. I have to fight against terrorism to the end. Thanks to our soldiers, police, security forces in a period that never, in a great success we have received in the last 2 years. We had exceptional days with most of our Brethren of the Happiness Party. In particular, let's take these beauties from these days to today and into the next few days. We will benefit both our country and our cause.


I read some of it, I studied. Remember, since the Ottoman Empire had a system of states. In this system, there are people like Lazistan and Kurdistan. We are not talking about a geographical reference. They use this concept as a political unit. We should not use it politically. I call it Rabies. I used it for the first time as a leader: a nation, a homeland, a flag, a state. Can anyone who respects the unity and integrity of my country oppose it? Who does? HDP outputs. Today, 82 million people are not attached to our understanding. Abraham is a concept that goes even further. They are far from understanding it. We never allowed a debate on our flag. Those in parliament in our country now have a problem with our flag. Even in your congresses, our flag is not shaken enough to hang our flag. we do not have our state other than the Republic of Turkey.


It is impossible to accept such a debate. Especially the CHP should think about the candidate. It is the Greek newspapers that make this appeal. It is a game that is claimed to be played through the claim. They want to throw us into discrimination. They called us Pontus and wanted to accumulate points by making a noise. Neither my provincial president nor any of my other friends would say that. This business has a huge, life, we are brothers and sisters, we will always have with Turkey. Is there a Pontus here? None.


Could a man call you my army governor to embrace this country? Could it be a hug in my country that calls my cops bastards? We've been in power for 25 years because we're holding each other. We have always made a prize in 81 provinces. Embracing happens in practice, not in words. With your service, your approach to people. This is not a dry word. Do I have to say that these statements against the state governor are ugly? This guy must know something different than a hug.


The CHP candidate built all of his speech on lies and taqiya. The executives behind have decided not to appear on television. This kind of escape is actually FETÖ. That's how they got him off the screen right now. The CHP candidate is clearly a manifestation of suffering in one place. Therefore, they thought it would be appropriate not to appear on the television screen in a place where I can say that the screen ban.


I told him before March 31. I do not believe this research anymore. Polls are now turning into a very serious rent. If someone does not get what they expect from the party, he goes to another party and starts doing research on them. Especially, there are some search companies that seem to be very famous. In previous elections, the results are not maintained by allanip companies, peeling, for example, currently conducts a search on behalf of the CHP. As president, if I do not do my duty on any issues that may arise, "I wonder if I would have done something better, would not it?" I attended the meeting. I watched the opening. They were in the mood of manifestation. I do not have rally tomorrow. I have a special guest. Nechirvan has not been here for a long time. After his appointment as president, he requested an appointment. Last night, I got an address for businessmen. There will be a dinner meeting with 1500 people at the Haliç Congress Center. Besides, now we can finish the programs. Mr. Binali has some programs tomorrow and Saturday.


The West will probably think, we do our duty, we reduce credit rating, we play as much as we play with exchange rates, but I think the truth is they will bring the job to a place like this again. S-400, F-35. We're going to the G-20 at the end of the month. We have a meeting with Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. We'll discuss this. From there, I'm going to China. Ayın 2 Çinâ € ™ olacağım. Çin-Türkiye ilişkilerini he alacağız. Bunlar dünya gündeminden öte ülkemin gündemine olumlu, pozitif bir sinyal vermesi lazım. Türkiye Rusya, Çin È ilişkilerini geliştirirken, yatırımlarda Türkiye & # 39; ye girişin adımların atıldığını görüyoruz. Önümüzde 4,5 yıllık süreç var. Ciddi bir yatırım çekme sürecinin içerisine gireceğiz. Bu da kendi girişim ve yatırımcılarımızın önünü açacaktır. KOBİ, KOSGEB diğer yatırımcılarımız için atacakları adımlar var. İstihdamda kıpırdama başladı. İşsizlik aşağı doğru inşallah inecektir. Bunlar yatırımla bağlı olan işler. Bu noktada olumlu sinyalleri alıyoruz.


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MHP'de ne oldu? Bireliri koptular parti kurdular. Şu anda bakalım nereye göre yürüyecekler. Çünkü bunlar ana gövde değil, parça. İstikbali çok fazla olmaz. Benzer şeyler CHP'de de oldu. Kopanlar, gidenler oldu ama onların da esamisi oldu. Bir partiye kırgınlık olursa kaybedenler olur. Davaya kırgınlık asla olmaz. Bu davadan kopup ayrılana nereye kadar 'Ben sana dargın değilim, kırgın değilim' diyeceğim ki. Selamün aleyküm, aleyküm selam bir yere kadar deriz. Ondan sonra da partimize karşı bir ihanet halkası oluşturuluyorsa kusura bakmasın el bebek, gül bebek diyemeyiz.


Şu anda en geniş teşkilat ağına sahip parti olarak nerede küskün, dargı varsak bunlara yönelik olarak ana kademe yoğun çalışmaların içinde olacaksınız diyorum arkadaşlara. Davaya küsülmeyeceğini hep söyledik. Kırgın, küskün olanlar varsa bunlara anlatmalısınız. Yanlış mı yaptık, bu yanlışlarımızı sizler de söyleyin. Anlatın, yanlışlarımızı düzeltme yoluna gideriz. Bir kısmı bakıyorsunuz belli yerlerde, imkanlar tanınmadığından dolayı küstüm diyor. Böyle bir şeyden dolayı küsüyorsan o zaman bu yanlıştır.


Mesela şimdi millete yaptığımız hizmeti israf telakki edenler var. Şurası Vahdettin Köşkü. Birilerine göre bu Vahdettin Köşkü'nü yıkık, harabe halden bu hale getirmek birilerine göre israftır. Ana muhalefet buraya israf diyor, Külliyeye israf diyor. Ben burayı şu anda kullanmıyorum. Zaman zaman buraya gelişlerim olur. Misafirlerimle beraber buraya gelişlerim olur. Bunun dışında burada benim kaldığım çok çok istisnadır. Şu anda ben kendi evimde kalıyorum. İstanbul'a geldiğim zaman Kısıklı'da kendi evimde kalırım. Çünkü aile olarak da geniş aile hep aynı yerdeyiz. Burada kaldığımız çok çok istisnadır. Burası da, Huber'de. Bunun kampanyasını yine malum anamuhalefet hep yapmıştır, yapmaya devam etmektedir. İstanbul Zirvesi'ni burada topladık. Burada o toplantıyı yapmamız, bunlar bir büyüyen, büyük devlet olmanın emaresidir. Aynı şeyi Ankara'da Külliye'de yaptığımız toplantılarda, gelenler hangisi olursa olsun, bakış açıları Türkiye'ye karşı değişiyor. Bu Tayyip Erdoğan'ın kendi şahsi bir ortaya koyduğu yatırım değildir ki. Dünyaya karşı ülkeme bakışı değiştiren bir yaklaşımdır. Sayın Putin'in bir ifadesi var, çok manidar, 'Büyük devletler bu tür yerlerden anlaşılır' demiştir. Onların da Kremlin Sarayı'na baktığınız zaman çok çok farklıdır. Ben onun için saray ifadesini kullanmadım, Külliye ifadesini seçtik. Biz orada bir şey yapmıyoruz. Orada muhtarlarımı ağırladım, ağırlamaya devam ediyorum. Kültür merkemizimiz yaptık. Orada her türlü etkinlikleri yapabiliyoruz. Onun yine arka tarafında Ankara'nın en güzel camilerinden bir tanesini yaptık. Orada yine aynı anda 2 bin –  2300 kişiye yemek verecek salonlarımızı yaptık. Bunların israf olmadığını tarih de millet de kaydedecek.


Benim her yerde konuşmalarım takibe alınırsa bütün teşkilatıma hep tevazu sürekli olarak telkin etmişimdir. 'Tevazudan taviz olamam' demişimdir. Halkın karşısında tepeden bakmak olmaz. Orada Mevlana'nın diliyle toprak gibi olacaksın. Bunu da elimizden geldiğince yapmaya gayret ediyoruz. Bizleri bununla özellikle yaftalayanlar, bize bu şekilde damga vuranlar biraz da kendilerine bakarlarsa herhalde istikameti çok daha doğru buluruz diye düşünüyorum.


Tarihine gururla bakan millet geleceğini gururla inşa eder. Dolmabahçe Sarayı restorasyon üzerine restorasyondan geçiyor. Bakılmamış, rezalet. Bugün basın mensuplarıyla orada yaptım toplantıyı. Bakan arkadaşlarıma otellerde basın toplantısı yapmayacaksınız, buralarda yapacaksınız diyorum. Bizim devlet olarak otel köşelerinden kurtulmamız lazım. Biz yemeğimizi kendi mutfağımızda yapıyoruz. Bunu böyle yapacağız. Gelenleri de buralar cezbediyor. Oraları bitirdikten sonra onları da bütün öğrencilerimizin ziyaretine açacağız. İstanbul bir müze fakiri olmaktan da çıksın istiyoruz.


AK Parti bu seçimin kaybedeni olmaz. Çünkü biz şu anda İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi'nde meclis kahir ekseriyetiyle bizde, komisyonların tamamı bizde. Meclis Başkanvekillikleri aynı şekilde. İstanbul'a hizmet ancak bu şekilde olur. Orada onun olması halinde sürekli belli sıkıntıların olacağı ortada. Bir  defa burada düşünce, yönetim bütünlüğü olmayacaktır. Birçok konularda anlaşmazlıkların çıkacağı ortadadır.


İstanbullu halkıma diyorum ki Pazar günü demokratik haklarını kullanmayı ihmal etmesinler. İstanbul dışında da olanlar varsa gelip oylarını kullansınlar. İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi'nin bütünleşmesi noktasındaki sürece destek versinler, eksik bırakmasınlar.


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