Bloomberg: Foreign currency purchases will be taken into account after one day


According to the news of the three bank sources of Bloomberg; At banks, the difference between the transaction date and the transaction date was set to 1 day.

Thus, as of May 21, 100 thousand dollars of real people and more money in the purchase of foreign currency, the value of the account will be spent on a day value.

In order to avoid speculation in foreign currency, Bloomberg announced that it was confirmed by three different bankers.

The decision is considered an attempt to protect against the pound sterling, putting a lot of dollars in the market and reducing the amount of dollars in the market.

"No Meaning of Meaning"

Columnist Murat Muratoğlu commented on's decision. Muratoğlu 10 Normally to attract $ 100,000 a day before the branch office is required to notify the cash withdrawal decision will not have much effect comic. However, as the day after the dollar taken away from the free market rules away from the taste of nature will be lost read All this should not be done in the fight against the economic crisis 10 years So they will be taught how to grin.

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