BIM current discounts of February 6! Special Campaign for Mobile and Women


Turkey was published 2 years warranty for the attention with the 3020 mAh, 16 GB of memory Huawei Y5 discount with BIM February 8 following the customers Current product catalog. BİM, which is an opportunity campaign for technology products at all times, is still full this week. Products that will be limited to Birleşik Mağazalar A. lojas stores include the Cleaning Kit, Braun Men's Care Kit, Professional Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, Double Duvet Cover Set and useful kitchen utensils . Here is February 8 BIM current products and discounted prices.


Rear 8MP camera with 5MP front camera, With the Android operating system, Huawei Y5 2018 mobile phones with 16 GB internal memory, dual SIM card, face recognition and 2 year warranty 899 TL.

Braun Silk Epil Epilator with 2 year warranty with special tweezers and 20 tweezers $ 99

Braun Men's Care Kit with 2-year warranty, ultra-sharp stainless knives, drawing attention with cutting and beard styling, ear nose plucking 125 TL

2-stage speed adjustment, 3-stage temperature adjustment Remington Professional Blow Dryer with two year warranty from 2000 to 2300 Watt 85 TL.

Temperature adjustment at 190oC, cold tip, heat preservation holder and two year warranty. 79 TL.

Temperature adjustment at 200oC, movable plate for excellent medium, automatic automatic closing after 60 minutes and Remington hair straightener guaranteed for two years $ 99

20 tweezers Gently pick up bristles up to 0.5 mm, small helmet for axillary area Two years guaranteed Epilator Silk Epil Braun $ 99

BIMM February 8 Actual discounts in the product catalog


08 BIM A large number of plastic products in each product is 2.95 TL.
Water pump with faucet.
Basket of bread of different colors 2.95 TL.
Rends 4.95 TL. Hanging Organizer Basket Multifunctional $ 4.95
Compartment Organizer Basket 5.95 TL
Multifunction Cup with lid 14,90 TL
Salad with Spoon 6.95 TL
Lava Cooler Cup 3 üü Keops 6.95 TL
Set Tea Set 29.90 TL


February 8, 2019 When we look at the second page of the BİM discount product catalog, we are grateful for the textile products.

Soley 89 TL Duvet Cover Set
Soley Individual 75 TL Duvet Cover Set
Welsoft Women's Dress 39.90 TL
Women's Velvet Training Suit 39.90 TL
Women's football socks
Women's Pants 4,95 TL
Silver Necklace $ 3.99
Men's Wrist Watch 25 TL
Plush Keychain 7.95 TL
Welsoft PVC Women's Home Shoes $ 12.99
Boy of Women Figured Panduf 25 TL
Velvet Comforter Cushion

BIM Women's Products
In addition, rebates on dozens of products offered to customers at discounted prices continue this week as part of Total Fight with Inflation.


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