"Billionaires realize that Bitcoin's time is here"


Pierre Rochard, a respected cryptographic money analyst and founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, quoted a New York Times article on Twitter as he began to realize that ultra-rich individuals were hard to hold currency assets especially in the financial structures of large corporations. they are.

As a result of these constraints, Rochard believes that Bitcoin has a clear advantage over traditional assets. As you know, Bitcoin can be transported very easily according to the traditional assets and offers a high degree of economic transparency.

"Billionaires are aware that it is time for the populist crowd to turn into an asset that is hard to capture from the assets they can steal – Bitcoins."

Supported Gurbacs: curious about most Bitcoins

Rocastrurb VanEck Digital Assets strategist Gabor Gurbacs also added the words above. Gurbacs said most of the billionaires he met regularly were interested in Bitcoin.

Gurbacs reported that some already owned Bitcoin, and perhaps more interestingly, that these names still recognize that nistepen is at the forefront of the development and adoption process.


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