Automatic Benefits of Self-Benefit


Frat Kuruca, Avivasa's General Manager for Social Security and Life, said that the inadequacy of savings in the first period could cause tar as in the first mandate of 2018, and that fields in the areas of automatic multiplication should be provided to increase the economy. "

Kuruca who said that armies gl must have a parallel economy to be gl, may be in favor of investors in the last 10 years, paying attention to the recommendations of pension companies and fund managers, particularly giving investors a long-term parity .


Kuruca said that the number of subscribers will continue to provide the PPS this year due to economic and economic participation in the private pension system and this year they expect to increase the number of participants. The new entries in the system are already automatically saved in the system because of people BES automatic said that because of economic viability as individuals need to use the accumulation of BSE in individuals' annuities said. The company's life and private pension insurance transactions may be required for customers only through the application of the AvivaSA Mobile application at the meeting, Kuruca said. After the end of Artificial Gnll, the BES moves a little higher. The Gnll will continue to give as much moisture as before, "he said.


At the mobile application press conference, AvivaSA's 16.9 billion pound fund grew at a rate of 834,000 times, with market share reaching 19.2%. An 11% increase in their funds was recorded. The Company's Automatic Participation yielded a total of TL 432 million in funds and 593 thousand in 2017, with a financing of 161 in number and 80 in subsistence. In this area, the company recovered in the middle of 2018 and continued its leadership in the public sector. In the field of life, the industry had a 47% stake in the "free life" branch, which was accepted as the future.

AvivaSA CEO Frat Kuruca, General Technology Manager, Arah Arkan and General Manager of Marketing and Transformation, Mr. AvivaSA Mobil, presented a press conference at the press conference.

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