Ashkya does not dominate the world 114. New trailer of the episode is published


Ashkya does not dominate the world 114. New trailer of the episode is published

The band Ashkya will continue to meet the audience in Season 4 on the Atv screens. Oktay Kaynarca, Tarik Unluoglu, Yunus Emre Yildirimer and the main roles of Ozan Akbaba in the series show a very good performance. The 114th episode of the series will be shown on Tuesday, November 6, on the ATV screen. What will happen in the new section is expected with curiosity.

Watch the trailer for the 114th episode of the video

The Bandit Does Not Become the Master of the World Chapter Summary:
The results of his plan to find the traitor in were severe. Hızır Çakırbeyli, who was shot in the back by a fever, is fighting the deaths of a hospital and Ilyas removes his pain from the nearest. Ilyas, who blamed Hizir Ali and Alparslan for what had happened to his brother, would no longer allow him to turn it into a secret job. In the absence of Khidr, he assumes the task of the head of the family and asks everyone to obey him. It will not be easy for those who do not keep his word, and it will not be easy to overcome this great responsibility. After the lives of the Çakırbeyl, who thought they could not recover for a long time Izzet and Muzi to prevent the onset of betrayal, killing the fire was a little relaxed. Ilyas to the head of the family waits for the error of revenge with ambition; but they can not even imagine how the problem will lead to their ambition.


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His mother called him Khidr, speed is known as Lord Khidr, and those who love him, Cakir says. The incident that changed Çakır's life is the death of his brother Omar by his opponents. The only thing his beloved brother wants from him is to be an engineer and get revenge and then go to prison and then to the underworld. Khidr is the old ear, he hears everything or the voice inside him says he will be the greatest, but on the other he says that nothing will be the same.

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It is necessary to think of the underworld as a great family. The leader of this family is Ünal Kaplan; and the Unal tiger never intends to hunt. No one can live long as a threat. Being the greatest is indispensable. When he realized that Hızir Çakırbeyli was on his way to the summit with his intelligence and power, he became his greatest enemy. He has no feelings of conscience and compassion. She is the only weakness in life Hay

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The only legacy left to the family by Çakır's brother, Omar, is that Cakir says he is a genius and the face of the family. He wants to marry the teacher. After that day, the family is excommunicated. No one in the family, including Alpaslan, talks to him except Mary Cakirbeyli Alp.

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He is the brother of Çakır. The fact that his brother was right about him was fevri, that he lost his head when he turned around. She dreams, above all, of the magazine chair. He's as handsome as she is, she's strong, she wants to be so devious.

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The cornerstone of the Çakırbeyli family. Mother of Hızır Çakırbeyli. The women of this family do not know yesterday that their days are temporary; they fight for tomorrow. Hayriye Çakırbeyli also kept this family after her husband's death. She is a Black Sea woman who is very strong, authoritarian and bound to traditions.

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He is so loyal to people who are described as psychopaths by the people around him, but loyal to the men who are by his side and loyal enough to put his life at risk. He is a good observer, he spent some time in jail. As a result of these observations, one can distinguish the good from the good, the attitude of the people according to this attitude and not hide their attitude, someone who does not spare.

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He is an old-fashioned man who spent almost half of his life in prison. He has become accustomed to life in prison for a long time, it is difficult for him to adapt to the external order. He is a character who can never be the man with his unique personality. The old authority is not shaken, loved by the environment, so that it does not leave justice for the word to be known.

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Bab 50 years old Çakırbeylilere baba yadigarı yol away from the village of Hayriye hand, eye, ear ü A man who knows the value of trust, who does not know the name of betrayal Dedicated to the mansion that opened his eyes for years, never left the way of his father who served those mansion years, who never left the road … Of course, there is also a reason for those who are compassionate with some, and are not merciful to others. Just like her years with the ex-wife who turned her heart into stone.

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Ceylan's son with Khidr. Surprised fact from the Cakirbeyli family, which is hidden as a secret overseas for many years by his mother. A little rude because he grew up without a father. Sometimes he is a complete Çakırbeyli, full of iron and honesty.

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