Apple Cancels AirPower Wireless Charging Design


AppleAt an event organized in September 2017 New with iPhone 8 and iPhone X AirPower charger. Simultaneously three Apple to charge AirPower wireless charging kit, There were rumors that 2018 will be introduced in March, but no publicity happened at that time.

AppleFinally, the AirPower project failed completely. The company made an official statement. AirPower announced that the wireless chargers were completely canceled.



Applevice president of hardware Dan Riccio published the following statement that the AirPowers were canceled:

So far, after a very intense effort, we have decided that the AirPower project will not meet the high standards we are targeting. We apologize to our customers who are looking forward to the AirPower promotion event. We have canceled the AirPower charger kit, but we believe that future technology will focus on wireless connections, and we are working on it.


Not seen yet AppleIt seems he has accepted his own failure. According to experts, Appleit will also give the impression that your superior talents have been lost.

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