App Store recipe with a huge difference to the Google Play Store!


Everyone knows that the smartphone market has entered a period of slowdown in recent years. However, despite this overall decline, some parts of the mobile device industry, especially the application market, are not affected.

Currently, the App Store and the Google Play Store are the two largest application markets. Although the number of apps and games in the Google Play Store is much larger, the App Store has been the leader for many years.

App Store revenue is much higher than the Google Play Store revenue!

It looks like the situation will not change this year. Because the App Store almost doubled the Google Play Store. According to the new report published by Sensor Tower, 100 Most Popular Apps first quarter of this year US $ 83.8 million income.

First quarter revenue generated through 100 apps on the Google Play Store US $ 51 million level. In this context, it is seen that 65% more revenue was obtained in the App Store in the same quarter. This rate was 67% last year.

When it comes to games, the difference is much more. The 100 best games in the App Store generated $ 23.3 million. Compared to the $ 7 million brought by the top 100 games on the Google Play store, the difference is 232%.

At the same time, compared with the same period last year, Sensor Tower said that Android users increased their gaming spending by 14.3% in the first quarter and Apple users decreased by 9.4%. Obviously, the revenue from the App Store is still much higher overall.


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