Saturday , April 17 2021

Airbus presents A220 aircraft in Istanbul

EUROPEUS The introduction of the new aircraft series A220, the Airbus aircraft manufacturer, was held at Atatürk Airport.

Airbus for the first time in Istanbul due to the arrival of the International Terminal Terminal Ali Sürmen attended a press conference Marketing Director in charge of Airbus Cabine De Gagne in July this year presented the "A220" service series.

In order to reduce the load on travel, Gagne said that the manufacturers were working and that the aircraft had the largest seats in its class.

Gagne argues that the large window of the plane reduces the fear of passenger flights and that this model attracted great interest of the airlines.

Gagne, "A220" series of 402 aircraft orders completed, "so far we have delivered 47 aircraft .355 are ready to deliver." he said.

Turkish Airlines (THY) also stressed that good relations with Gagne, ruling on the decision to provide information on this matter reported.

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Gagne said that in the next 20 years, 28,000 aircraft would be needed and that most of the targets would be to meet most of them, adding that "the company wants its customers to be happy.The passenger experience is what makes the difference here" . found in the evaluation.

After the meeting, members of the press visited the aircraft "A220-300" in the courtyard and received information about the characteristics of Gagne's aircraft.

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