Air circuit breakers plus road


Board of Trk Gastroenterology Association (TGD) Dr. Orhan Sezgin,
about 25% of the population refl
grldn saying: "We are a community
we loved eating a lot of morning-akam unfortunately. We are rolling
then beyond the brand of hanmn or bride pastry shopI saw
We're eating. It is not enough kuruyemi on, it's not enough fruits
He is coming. What is it if you do not have this stomach reflux? Where we went so far
hey "

Diseases and Gastroenterology as a specialist at Mersin University. Dr. Orhan Sezgin, Trk Gastroenterology Association in Mersin "Difference, Keeping Along with the Digestive System's Slogan in the Information Society," Refl e Mide Ars & # 39; gave information on.

"Karn ars may be a harbinger of sick people"

At certain periods of time, the stomach arsyla karya karya
Prof.Dr. Frankly, these arars are sometimes mild
he said. I like "my stomach yanyor", "azma attached, water coming c",
tpta & # 39; is called to complain
indicating Sezgin, "all the time
the middle part of your abdomen, stnde or unimpeded in the lower part of us,
fullness, lack or kvrandran
We bow. Our stomach is full of a mixture of acid. In this way, gdalarmz
Able to digest. We gastroenterologists such as esophagus, stomach, lean
We are a group of doctors who have uraan with intestines and large intestines.
in Karnmz
in one of these organs can be a hastalk.
Each of these organs can cause discomfort in the abdomen. I mean, my car
ard when a stomach disease; gallbladder, inflammation; pancreatic
a patient ill of a disease, lean or small intestine,
sensitive bowel disease or crown may be sick
. Here is a
Mr Hastalk. Our strike as a doctor,
cause your patients and patients
You need to get in touch with the relevant branch "it residences.


Karn ars who complained about the sickest ls
emphasizing that Sezgin, a wound That was the bottom.
Wounds in the stomach or twelve fingersu language
Sezgin, these wounds can lead to serious damage was the trait.
Sezgin, "Stomach armpit may increase after eating. Twelve intestines of the finger
ls ars may reveal an attack.
Accompanying Vomiting
can "
"He used his expressions.


Sezer, who explained the main causes of the aan ok way in life, ok sk
used for air circuit breakers, in particular rheumatic air cutters,
Besides aspirin and especially for the treatment of heart diseases.
arrow bloodurine, stomach
or fingers of twelve fingers in the gut.
Therefore, it must be absolutely necessary to use these cities unnecessarily,
srf should not be used as a Sezgin circuit breaker, "Please, they are cheese bread
do not like. These are really good circuit breakers, especially rheumatic
circuit breakers. But they also lead to serious gastrointestinal disorders. these
use with your doctor's stomach protectors if you must use them
"in need of housing.


"10-15% of those with Helicobacter pylori in their stomach
You can, for example "

There is a path in the stomach: a germicidal called "helicobacter pylori," which informs Sezgin, said the flour:

"This microbe exists in the stomach of 70-80% of our society. But all
The germ is also not laser. However, it is a microcontroller that facilitates the creation of the laser.
10-15 percent of those who have this germ in the stomach can develop laser. Therefore,
you should also open the wrong lens; helicopter
does not need to be used immediately; this does not mean lser; it's stomach cancer
does not mean come. There is disinformation in the community
Unfortunately, information channels, on the Internet, press this issue is seriously wrong,
There are mistakes. "

Sezer, stressing that there is a stress on the road
the size of the stress increased when gastric acid increased,
disturbances in the stomach, and in the stomach of the twelve fingers lserlerin easier
he told me he could come. Sezgin, lserin gnmzde simple but ok vital, ulam
easy, economical and fully controlled
altna alnmasnn mmkn, said he was treated with baaryla.


"People with gastric cancer in the family, even if they have no complaints
a gastroenterologist

Care in the stomach is stomach cancer, while aria is a
Sezen Sezgin, a lump in the stomach and the lserli injured to lead to injury
revealed stomach cancer in the blood; secret bleed caused by kanszlk,
weakness of the honey, weight loss, nausea, vomiting or vomiting
arrival of blood like stomach bleeding, swallowing gl, early
in the abdomen ime symptoms
. BT these symptoms
& # 39;attentionSezgin emphasizes that it means "when the symptoms of
It was a good idea to see a doctor. Sezgin, stomach cancer
treatment methods, early treatment diagnosis
one of the cancers. Early recognition indicates that the arrow is damp
Sezgin, especially those who have gastric cancer in the family, any complaints
even if not asked to consult a gastroenteroloa without neglect. early
as a result of surgery or chemotherapy
expressing Sezgin, "we say, do not be afraid of cancer, afraid to stay"
made its emphasis.

"25% of our society is close to refl."

Reflect the world's most upright attention to the disease, Sezgin, stomach and quite acid in the stomach, stomach between the esophagus and stomach in the event of a blow between the cauldron and the cauldron. Sezgin: "But if there is a breach in this capbard, if the attack can not make it stomach esvagus svs, even empty, directed to the general refly." Refl ok skgrdzz is a patient.However, sometimes the reflex also leads to others symptoms such as burning, which is a sign of your own presence, to the water that comes with the addition of water or to the ingestion of the food you have ingested.In the ropes, you can comfortably go back to sleep apnea with a table as a contusion to sleep, a snore, kneeling, middle ear or breathing tube, or even breathe through sneaky eyes. Arsna may even take, may come with a very large tractor.

Sezgin said that treatment in the first phase was administered first, but if these symptoms first emerged, especially after 50 days, a team such as stomach bleeding, weight loss, disability, gl swallowing, cancer, etc. should always be taken into account if there are disturbing findings. "We call him and we do more exams. This is a simple endoscopy, but it's okay for us, okay, okay," he said.

"We eat a lot and fill our stomach.

Sezgin, who pointed to effective treatment of patients with refl, was found to not be refl. Sezgin, "We are morning-akam akam halul food food abundance, unfortunately we love the arrows, so let's go to the side we are going to the side of the hanmn or pie-brei of the bride in addition to the month we eat. The stomach is full, it is full, and this is not a gastric reflex, but where is it going? The Aaya ship takes a while, and if there is a slack in the place where the esophagus and stomach combine, it is changing and refluxing. Less food, the stomach should not fill the arrows lying on the light blanket the bed, refrain from smoking and alcohol, little, sk eat, the basic simple things to do to be able to quit recharge, especially the acidic need to avoid need, "he said.


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