A101 Do not miss opportunities with the current April 25, 2019 Catalog!


A101 The actual catalog of April 25, 2019 is published. All products in this catalog, which include appropriate opportunities, stand out as a price performance product. A101 A complete catalog to please your current followers, A101 catalog Aktüel April 25, 2019 contains dozens of different products ranging from electronics to kitchen products, home appliances and personal care products. If you need a product in the catalog, we recommend you bring it back soon. Otherwise, the actions will be exhausted.


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A101 The ELTON brand EL49DLK1705, modeled on the April 25, 2019 catalog, the LED TV with Full HD screen resolution offers an unmissable opportunity for those who want to buy high-quality, high-end television at an affordable price. Built-in satellite receiver, 400Hz screen refresh rate, 2 different 8W audio outputs, 2 different HDMI inputs, 1 USB input, coaxial audio output 1,699 TL & e Sold. With a screen size of 49 inches, this TV will give you a magnificent and gigantic appearance. The SUNNY warranty is offered for 2 years and can be purchased in installments.

Piranha Smart Kids Clock

With the smart watch, it's easy to keep track of your kids. If you're wondering what you've done and where you've been since you left home, you can get a point locating feature. In addition, this product, which is also very necessary for safety, can provide great convenience in case of a possible abduction. With GPS, GSM and Wi – Fi, it shows the position with a 0% margin. Emergency SOS can call the phone directly with the button and still offers the ability to answer incoming calls. This watch, which also gives a warning when it is removed from the arm, is quite easy to use with Turkish software. $ 199.95 The price can be bought in installments with a 2 year warranty.

Honor 8A Mobile Phone

A101 One of the products in the current catalog of April 25, 2019 is the Honor 8A cell phone. Made with the Honor quality of the Huawei birliktes side mark, this product comes with an ultra-fast 2.3 GHz processor in 8 cores. It has 3 GB of RAM space, 32 GB of internal storage. This way, during the game, any way to access the app allows you to access very quickly. 13 mp rear camera, 8 mp front camera phone is produced with Android 9 software system and fingerprint reader and face recognition features in terms of security is a very high level cell phone. You can host your work and cell phone on the same mobile phone with the active feature of the Dual SIM card during the call. $ 1,299 the product in question is again guaranteed for 2 years.

Arzum AR-2003 Cookart Eco Midi Oven

A101 Another product in the current catalog of April 25, 2019 is the Cookart Eco midi oven in AR-2003 cookware, brand Arzum. With its white body and black glass, this product will provide you with a very nice and modern look and you will be very satisfied with the power of 1300 W at the baking point. Internal volume of 35 liters, equal cooking capacity, time setting and thermostat are available. The Eco Midi Oven, which is shipped as a gift alongside enamelled baking trays, is kept under Arzum's warranty for 3 years. TL 249.00 TL Sold.

Products by SEG

A101 The current catalog of April 25, 2019 contains 3 products under the SEG brand. These 3 products are high quality and often sold products. Although it has gone on sale at least 40 times before, there is no claim on any website. For this reason, we recommend that you buy whatever you need.

SCM 9100 Laundry Home

The SCM 9100 washer has a washing capacity of 9 KG and can be washed at 1000 cycles. 15 different program for all kinds of fabrics with different product grades with 15 minutes fast wash feature is prominent. $ 1,299 A class of energy ++.

Dishwasher SCM 4001

The second SEG product is the SCM 4001 dishwasher. The 12 liter water consumption machine comes with additional features like overflow protection, eco program, time delay function, salt indicator and rinse aid, less choice of dishwashers. Again, this product belongs to the energy class A ++. 999.00 TL sold in return.

Freezer SEG SDF2451M

The latest product SEG in the current catalog of the A101 is the freezer SDF 2451. 2 freezers, 4 freezer drawers and 4 freezer drawers £ 1.99 Sold.

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