A fear of adoptive parents of hepatitis A



We do not need parents to feel uncomfortable, Milli told the provincial director of education, Metin İlci. Our students can continue their schools with Öğ peace of mind.
28 students who became ill at Kepenek Village Elementary School, which is linked to the center, were treated at the Muş State Hospital last week. Parents worried about the hepatitis A virus transmitted to students are worried about sending their children to school. The number of students arriving at Kepenek Village Primary School, which has a capacity of 300 students, does not reach 100 because of the events.
Mavis Kalir, one of the students who continue their studies at school, said that their friends did not go to school because they were ill and some of their friends did not go to school because they were afraid.
As for reporters on the subject of the village head Nurettin Arslan, a contagious disease, stating that, lan Therefore, students go to school is a bit uncomfortable. For this reason, students can not go to school. In this regard, it is important that the Governor of Muş and the Provincial Directorate of Health take the necessary measures.

Cleaning work started on water tanks
Muhtar Arslan who stated that the village clean-up work was started by the Provincial Special Provincial Administration and the Provincial Health Department teams, said: The dirt in the tank will be cleaned to remove chlorine. Cleaning the warehouse here after the water tank at the school will be transferred to the cleaning work, Bur said.

"There is no doubt that"
The provincial director of national education Metin İlci said, zehir In the village of Kepenek, there is a situation about the poisoning of students. Inspections conducted by the Provincial Health Directorate and the National Directorate of Education did not find poison in the water that the children had drunk. In this sense, there is no situation that requires parents to feel uncomfortable. Our students can continue their schools with ease. In this regard, the Provincial Health Directorate and related teams conduct their supervision and supervision continuously. After that, we want the students to go to school, said Bundan.
On the other hand, it has been reported that some students continued their treatment at the hospital.


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