& # 39; Yellow Mustache & # 39; told us about the Royal Section: There was no player, we were collecting people from the road, we had to laugh at our stomach



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One of the most cult series in the history of Turkish television, one of the world's most famous actors, Sarı Bıyık, was Cahit Kaşıkçılar, who watched the show with fear, watched and laughed.

Cahit Kaşıkçılar, one of the most cult series in the history of Turkish television, is the guest of RedBull.com Now Where's Sarık Bıyık. Spoonmen ", I watched the series was scared too, watching the laughter." The common characteristic of the audience is that everyone is a way of being addicted. "As you watch, you can not break it.There is a strange magic," he said.

Perihan Savaş presentation of the third section of the 1990s on the news about the murder of the current section of the section; Despite limited technical and decorative possibilities, the limited capacity of the limited caste cast somehow remained in the memory of many people living in that period. Tragic scenes of the hero who gave the heroic tension of the comedy, the most well-known character of the program, who played Yellow Mustache Cahit Kaşıkçılar, Melis Danişmend answered questions.

The series "The horror of many who watched, also laughing." The common characteristic of the public is that everyone is a way to watch. own clothes, we have no budget as a man, we are trying to manage with three cents of money.


Spoonbill series of the night image given to be seen despite the scenes, "House for a limited time we have maintained.He has scenes from day to day in the house, we can not stay the night, we open the curtain, day, close, We can not find a player, we're collecting the man off the road now and then. "He had stomach pains, laughing.

& # 39; Good work I have every money we can not earn & # 39;

Despite the success of the series, it is not a profitable production expressing Yellow Mustache: "We did something, we watched a lot. series of games, falling is going.We are not forgotten.But the main thing we are losing business in terms of not forgetting the market, "he admits.


Now the new productions as expected in the direction of supply does not have the opportunity to spoonbills, "I can not understand the directors, producers. We have this man, let's change the hair head, mustache should trim, beard," he says. that was happening we did watching, knowing that most of the places you tie. I say to people, "what is a friend you think your stupid our team?" We have already marked the season in Turkey. We did not even have strings like the guy the moment we did it. us as you like you can judge? "He used his words.

Spoonbillers now write children's games, scripts, portraits of Karagöz and Hacivat for children's theater. His last major project was Real Time in the period of Onur Ünlü.


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