& # 39; What are you going to do? Are you going to overthrow management?


The status of the Fenerbahce team outside Volkan Demirel continues. File keeper experienced in this situation, the fan keeps on reacting.

In recent days, the experienced football player has faced the interest of outside fans. Volkan Demirel supporters in the yellow lacivetli fans in the chat because of this decision criticized the management.

"What did you do to stay out of the squad?" asking It is not the same treatment as those who make heavier movements & # 39; was expressed.

37-year-old star, although he was satisfied with the support given to management criticism did not find it right. Football player from Fenerbahçe, "What are you going to do? You want to overthrow the administration? All you have to do is support the president, the management and the team" he said.

On the other hand, experienced gloves, which are working in Dereağzı, are interested in young people. Young football players before and after work with young coaches are also talking to Captain Volkan.


Volkan Demirel has not yet had contact with the Fenerbahce team since the time he was away from the squad. The situation of Volkan should also be clear between the circuit. The 37-year-old star, Semih Özsoyä, raised his voice and was left out of the team because of the debate.


Volkan Demirel, who did not attend the funeral ceremony of Koray Sener, who lost his life in the Galatasaray derby, entered into the details of his decision. Experienced gloves, media attention to return to it provided. Volkan, who thought the situation would be followed if the staff and government did not talk or talk to anyone, worried that this would bring down the shadow. Fenerbahce before the funeral ceremony House and family of Koray Sener, and condolences wanted to visit.


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