& # 39; We are suffering from cancer treatments at current prices & # 39;


Nuclear Medicine Association of Turkey for 31 & # 39; Organized the National Congress of Nuclear Medicine & # 39; which was held in Bodrum. The congress took place simultaneously with the 8th Congress of Nuclear Medicine of the Balkans, and almost 500 people from 11 different countries attended. Experienced scientists, congresses thanks to their experiences; he had the opportunity to share with his colleagues and the whole world at the same time.

The 31st National Congress of Nuclear Medicine and the 8th Congress of Nuclear Medicine of the Balkans were determined as "Birlikte of Teranóstica and Personalized Nuclear Medicine". In line with rapid developments in the field of science and technology, the fastest development in the field of nuclear medicine at the beginning of the fields of nuclear medicine, diagnostic processes and personalized and targeted treatment mixing the concept of Teranostik ı in the world in recent years physician has created a major paradigm shift. Within this theme; The latest developments in the field of nuclear medicine, the importance of nuclear medicine in patient treatment, current status and future expectations in imaging and radionuclide treatments have been addressed by experts. At the same time, a series of sessions were held under the title of expert sessions at the congress, where speakers from the international scientific community attended the conference. In the congress program, as well as in scientific sessions, the exposure of industry and technology, indispensable for nuclear medicine, has occurred.


Turkey, Nuclear Medicine (TNTD) President Prof. Dr. Dr. Gamze Çapa Kaya stated that 95 percent or more of the patients in the field of nuclear medicine are cancer patients. From time to time, we may experience problems in providing services. The reason for this is that producers of radioactive material are limited around the world. However, demand is increasing due to the increasing use of cancer patients worldwide. This inevitably has led to a rise in prices around the world. Not just for our country. At current prices, we may experience serious difficulties in sustaining service from time to time in public and university hospitals. We visited the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Institution very often. We really think they understand us. In our daily practice, the Ministry of Health, for radioactive iodine that we use in the treatment of the technetium-99m generator and patients with thyroid cancer, is indispensable to continue our work. This partially solved the temporary problem temporarily. But we need a substantial increase in nuclear medicine items for the implementation of a health solution to a permanent solution.


They hosted major congresses and home to a National Congress 31 of Nuclear Medicine, the Balkans, stating that Turkey experienced the thrill of the Medical Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress Treasurer Prof. Dr. Murat Bozkurt, this year's main theme congress "Teranostik and Personalized Nuclear Medicine" is determined as specified. Professor Dr. Bozkurt said, hızlı Medicine has been undergoing a rapid change in recent years. He is undoubtedly one of the most important actors in nuclear medicine. Now everything turns into custom applications. We have intelligent molecules that we call intelligent medicine, which we use in nuclear medicine. We can make radiation from within. In the field of diagnosis, we have the opportunity to perform intelligent treatments directed to the highly specialized target. At the same time in Turkey, according to many European countries in the field of nuclear medicine in case of one of the leading countries, "he said.


Secretary General of the Association Dr. Tevfik Fikret Çermik said that although nuclear medicine has been a branch of thyroid cancer for nearly 50 years, it is involved in many different treatment methods that have changed over the last 10 years. Professor Dr. Nuclear Medicine has been used only in the treatment of thyroid cancer and similar cancers, and is now being used to treat many cancers and tumors. With nuclear medicine, we can gauge what is happening inside the cell. You can see what is happening inside the cell with the method of nuclear medicine, so you can treat the cancerous cell, olup he explained the importance of nuclear medicine.

President of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. Dr. Jolanta Kunikowska said that for the first time the European Association of Nuclear Medicine would support the congress and provide academic support for the next period. President of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology, another name present at the congress. Dr. Dong Soo Lee said that the congress was very fruitful.



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